What is PGI ? ( OR ) What is the significance of PGI in SAP ?

1. What is PGI ?

2. What are the accounts that are updated in PGI ?

3. What is the significance of PGI in OTC Cycle ?

4. Can you create proforma invoice without performing PGI on a delivery ?

5. Where do you configure the movement type associated with a PGI ?

6.Can you reverse a PGI ?

7. What transaction code do you use to reverse a PGI ?

10 thoughts on “What is PGI ? ( OR ) What is the significance of PGI in SAP ?

  1. George Justin says:

    PGI- Stands for “Posting Goods Issue”

    During PGI the stock status and accounting entry is passed into MM and FI respectively. Hence it is a significant phase in Sales order processing.


    • Sambit says:

      At the time of PGI the accounting entries are follows :-

      Cost of goods sold(COGS) A/c……DR Rs xxxxx
      to Inventory A/c …………………….CR Rs xxxxx


  2. Sanjay says:

    PGI — Post Goods Issue changes the ownership of the material to the customer, Company Inventory reduce & Customer stock increase, Its end the delivery processes.

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  3. Ehsan A Shah says:

    PGI (post goods issue) is nothing but confirmetion of delivered quantity.PGI-Post goods issue is the last step of
    delivery/shipment processing, its the step where the ownership of the goods transfer to the customer and the
    stock is updated.


  4. Sambit says:

    Ans 2 – You can create a Proforma Invoice from Delivery Document before PGI & then create actual Invoice after doing PGI.

    For Proforma Invoice before PGI you have to do the following setting:
    IMG – Sales and Distribution – Billing – Billing Documents – Maintain Copying Control For Billing Documents – Copying control: Delivery document to billing document

    Here select your Delivery & Billing Type & at Header Level in Copying requirements insert routine 11 – Head.dlv-rel.w/o GI.

    No other setting is required for Delivery to actual Invoice.

    Ans 5 – Movement type is assigned to the schedule line of the line item & 601 movement type is used for PGI.


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