What is Delivery Splitting in SAP ?

1. What is Delivery Split in SAP ?

2. Can you explain the situations in which Delivery Splits can occur ?

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4 thoughts on “What is Delivery Splitting in SAP ?

  1. Raghava says:

    Delivery split may occur for multiple items or a single item in sales order due to various factors that differ at header level like when Ship to party,Schedule lines, Plant, Shipping point, Shipping conditions, Loading group, Item categories of materials etc differ and along with these even Customer mater configuration of allowing partial deliveries plays a role in splitting the deliveries.


  2. k s rayudu says:

    actually when the delivery split comes into picture if the sales order line items is having different ship to party or shipping point and incoterms,delivery dates
    ship to party
    shipping point
    delivery dates
    let me take one example:
    10 orders has been created but 5 orders has one ship to party and remaining 5 orders has different ship to party then system will split the delivery for that we need to check in the of delivery types delivery split-warehouse


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