SAP Training – What is ABAP

What is ABAP

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ABAP stands for “Advanced Business Application Programming” . Also referred to as ABAP/4 – the 4 standing for 4th Generation language – ABAP is an english-like language. It uses keywords like “END” , “BEGIN” , “LOOP” , “SELECT” as opposed to arcane syntax like flower braces or arrows. The closest cousin to ABAP would probably be SQL.

Developed in the 1980s, ABAP originally started out as a pure reporting language and later branched out into a more sophisticated programming language. For full fledged SAP Training and SAP Access follow the links.

For Remote SAP Access or online SAP Access learn more by clicking on the links above.

Here are some quick facts about ABAP

  • ABAP is a proprietary software language owned by SAP.
  • Core SAP is written in ABAP.
  • ABAP support Object Orientation as well.

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