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You will find a variety of useful links here for SAP Beginners and experienced alike. Feel free to browse through them.

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Link Primary & Official SAP Help Portal
This is the primary & Official SAP help portal. You can find extensive documentation, release notes, best practices, IS-solutions on all the released versions of SAP. This is the one-stop help site for everything related to SAP.

Link SAP IDES Scenarios
This link refers to the sample data and scenarios that are available in a standard SAP ( as of SAP R/3 version 4.6c and onwards ) IDES version. Most standard business scenarios – Including most core modules like SD, MM, FI/CO, HR, SM etc are given by SAP. All the necessary data that is required for performing these transactions are also available in the system.

Link SAP Industry Solutions ( IS ) Help
This is the official SAP help ( part of Portal ) on all versions of SAP Industry Solutions ( IS ). Here you will find information on IS-solutions like SAP-IS AFS ( Apparel & Footwear ) , IS-OIL ( Oil and Gas ) , IS-Retail , IS-U ( Utilities ) etc.

Link SAP Service Marketplace
SAP service Marketplace is the official SAP portal that contains information and links to sub-portals and other forums that are useful for customers, partners and all others as well. You will require an S-user id ( Given only to SAP Customers/partners , for eg., S000xxxxxxx ) to log into the customers and partners portals.

Link SAP Notes
This is the official SAP help portal for Customers only. You would require a s-user id to log in. You can search the portal for all other customer issues, post your SAP issues to SAP to resolve your problems.

Link SAP Community Network
The official SAP community site. Here you will find sub-portals and forums on technology & processes related to SAP. You will also have presentations and WiKi’s from leading industry experts.

Link SAP Training
For quality and affordable SAP Training, please visit our home page.

Link SAP Access
For high speed access to SAP, please visit our home page.


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