Thank You

Thank you for the payment. You will get a payment confirmation from us soon. Paypal would send you a payment confirmation separately.

4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. shahid farooq says:

    I just made my first payment in the SD section as you suggested for my first CRM class. Naveed will register tomorrow as he gets off his flight. Please can i get my access code for the training. Thank you


    • siva says:

      I just saw the payment link. We have sent communication to Fuze Server to send the necessary IDs. In case you missed the first class, I will ensure you get the recording. We have already sent the communication to Rajesh to start inviting you to Sunday night’s session @ 7:30 PM EST ( New York Time Zone ). Also, Thanks for the referral.


  2. Syed says:

    Hi Siva

    I just paid the first installment. I hope, I did everything ok. I missed the first class and Shahid told me that the instrutor will re-do the first class sunday evening (tomorrow) and will send the link. As you also said in your email, you will send me the video link of thursday and sunday class every week.

    I am really interested in CRM class and I do have some background in it but I kindly request to change the schedule and instead of friday and saturday, please take saturday and sunday off so i will miss only sunday class. Please advise.




    • magnatrain says:

      We can definitely do some adjustments – Not an issue. You want the classes to be from Monday to Thursday ? This might take the classes too long to complete. The goal is to do at least 5 hours a week. Please suggest a schedule.


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