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16 thoughts on “Thank You for Registering

  1. Rawlings says:

    Dear Siva,

    I have completed my exams and would wish to resume the SAP SD class.

    I will prefer the weekend lectures because of time differencces.

    Thank you for your understanding


      • Anshu says:

        Shiva I want to attend the demo class today but have not received an email reply yet. Are you going to have a demo session today ?


      • siva says:

        We did have the demo. I believe I saw your name in the list. Please let me know if you could not attend. I could send you the recorded video of the same.


      • Nitin Nigam says:

        I think I missed the demo by a day too. Can you please send me the recorded video of the same ?


  2. uma says:

    When does the training start and what is the duration, fee and any pre requisites required for the training. I worked back in India and trying to get back into career after 13 years. I have a Masters degree with specialisation in HRPM from Panjab Univ. I am based in Boston and trying to relocate to Dallas. Let me know


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