Text Determination in SAP SD

What is Texts ?

Text is a small piece of formatted or unformatted text that is functionally used to describe or note information in master data and Transactional Data. For example, a temperature sensitive material ( say a bio-reagent ) needs to be kept under freezing temperatures always. Although there is another field called Storage Conditions to denote this, we can use a text field with more specific comments so that the folks selling this material can ensure that they always inform the customer that they need to have storage facilities for the same. Since the information in this case is used to inform sales agents, it can be a “Sales Text”

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Material Master Texts

Now, its not just enough that the material master contains this text. We will also have to ensure that the sales agents creating orders for this material has visibility to the same text. That means that the sales order should also have texts that can show the same. And since this text is specific to the specific material, this text needs to be part of the line item not the sales order header.

Sales Order Header Text Sample

As you can see from the example above, there are myriad number of texts like item note, packing note, delivery text, purchase order text, production memo etc. All of these texts are either flown in from the corresponding master data ( Customer master , material master etc ) or entered in the transaction itself. In summary, texts are little pieces of information that are useful in communication information about master data or transaction specific data across the enterprise.

Can Texts be Formatted ?

Yes. These texts ( Or Text Objects as they are normally called in SAP lingo ) need not be constrained to plain text only. You can use the buttons highlighted below to import or export text. You can use the standard “Clipboard” (SAP clipboard ) button to copy or paste text.

Import and Export Text

The best part is that on a windows machine, you can just double click on the white space to open your favorite rich text editor ( Like MS Word or TextPad ) to format text as required. Also, these texts can be maintained in multiple languages as can be seen below.

Maintain Texts in multiple languages

How do Texts Flow ? ( Text Determination )

As can be seen from the example above, the material sales text has flown in from the master data ( Sales Text view of the material master ) to the line item view of the sales order. This does not happen automatically. We will have to specifically configure the system to ensure the same. This process of creating new texts and letting them flow across the transactions and determine when and where these texts need to be is called “Text Determination”.

Let us go into the configuration to understand this.


The transaction code for performing text determination is [VOTXN]. The menu path for the same is

[SPRO -> IMG -> Sales & Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Text Control ]

Text Determination Menu Path and Transaction Code

Text Types

Each text item ( “Material Sales Text” ) in the example above is called a Text Type. It internally contains a Text ID. These are configured in the Text Types section.

As you can see from the picture below, there are different Text Types depending on the functionality where it is used.

Text Objects

Select the Text Object ( Customer, Info Record..etc ) and select one of the radio button to view the revelant “Text Types”

Select General Texts of Customer Master

The technical name of the Customer Text Object is – KNA1 and the different text types associated with KNA1 are displayed below.

For example

0001 Sales Note for Customer

0002 Accounting Note

View Text Types for Text Object KNA1

If you want to create more text types, Click on the “New Entries” button. For example, lets think of a scenario where the customer always insists that we talk to their purchasing head first before ordering. Since this is a special ordering instruction, let’s create a new text type for customer text object KNA1.

Create new text type Z001

Text Determination Procedure

Now that we have defined the text types, we have to ensure that the conditions are met for the required action to take place. This starts with the access sequence first.

There is a standard Text Determination Procedure for Customer Text Object. You can either choose to use it or create new.

Text Determination - Access Sequence

Let’s start by creating a new Text Determination procedure for illustration purposes.

Create a new Text Determination Procedure called “Z1”

Create new Text Determination Procedure

Select the new Text Determination procedure just created and click on the “Text IDs in the Text Procedure” section as shown below.

Select Text IDs under a different text determination procedure

Click on new entries to create Access Sequences. For example, we have created a new sequence (10 ) for the Text ID – Z001 that we have just created.

Create new Access Sequence for Text Determination

Now for the final step, we have to assign this text determination procedure to an actual Customer type ( Customer Account Group )

Currently the customer account group for the standard sold-to party – 0001 is assigned to text determination procedure 01. Let’s change this to Z1 and see how the texts in the customer master changes.

Demo of Customer Master Text Determination:

To view the existing text types in the Customer master go to Extras -> Texts in the General Tab.

Menu Path for showing the Text Items

As you can see the following texts are available for the standard customer master for customer account group 0001 ( Sold-to Party )

Now that we have changed the text determination procedure of the customer master to ‘Z1’, we can see the new texts types that we have created for the customer text object KNA1 below.

New Texts in Customer Master

This concludes the configuration for the text determination in Customer Master. The text determination for other master data ( Material Master , Info Records etc ) is very similar. However, the text determination for transaction data is a little different. Let’s see how it is.

Text Determination for Sales Documents

The text type definition is very similar to the way we have created for the customer master.

Select the Sales Document Header and click on Change. ( Since there are texts both at the Header ( Text Object – VBBK ) as well as the line item level ( Text Object – VBBP ) , let’s choose header for now.

header text determination

As usual, we can have multiple text determination procedures and assign each to one or more transaction types. Instead of creating a new one, let’s examine an existing text determination procedure – 01 Sales Header.

After selecting the sales procedure, double-click on the Text IDs to know the different text IDs created under it.

Different text IDs

As you can observe, there are a couple of differences from the way text IDs are created between Sales Order and Customer master.

Access sequence

You can freely define text IDs , just like you have created them in Customer master. However, since the customer master is – Master Data – which is a source data, there is no Access associated with that text ID. However, since transaction data like sales orders derive part of their data from the master data ( customer master, material master, vendor master, pricing records, customer material info records ) , we have to define the corresponding source. The Access column defines the source of the text ID.

Also, there are 2 more additional columns.

Referenced – This means that the text is referenced , not copied over. What this means is that if there is a previous document that the text has flowed in from, if you choose the reference field, then the text ID in the Quotation is referenced. Otherwise its copied over.

Quotation -> Order
Form Header Form Header
Header Note 1 Header Note 1

In the picture above, the text ID Header Note 1 is referenced whereas the rest are not. What this means is that if the quotation’s text ID Header Note 1 is changed, the same will be reflected in the downstream document, Order. But any changes to the text ID , Form Header in the quotation will not carry over to the order.

Text is Obligatory – As the name implies, this flag ensures that some text is filled up in the text ID – either by copying over from the previous document or by filling up in the current document.

Let’s now move on to the Access Sequences in transactional text determination. This determines the source and the sequence of the sources.

Select an Access Sequence (say 01 ) and click on Access Sequences for Text IDs underneath.

Show Access Sequence Again

If you remember well, this is the Access sequence that was used for the “Form Header” text ID.

Access Sequence used

This picture determines the sequence and sources of the texts.

What this means is that the text ID , Form Header with access sequence 1 can be based on the following in that order. That means that if a text is found in the Sales order header of the previous document, it is taken in the Form Header Text ID of the current document and the rest are ignored.

For Header Text ID <- Sales Order Header ( Of the Previous Document )
Sales Note from Customer <- Customer Master Sales Texts
Sales Note from Customer <- Customer Master General Texts

Now that we have determined the source of a text ID and the sequence in which they appear, all that needs to be done now is to assign the text determination procedure to an order type.

As you can see, the text determination procedure ‘01’ is assigned to the transaction type OR.

Demo of Sales Order Text Determination:

Create a new Customer and enter a Sales Note in the General Texts

enter sales note for the customer

Create a sales order for this customer and see what comes as the “Form Header” text ID. In this example, text created as the “Sales Note for Customer” from the General Text of the Customer master seems to flow down to the “Form Header” text in the sales order header text.

Text ID flows down to the sales order

Let’s take this one step further and create a sales area text – Sales Note for Customer and see if it supercedes the General text – Sales Note for Customer as defined in the Access sequence.

Enter a new sales note for the customer for the sales area text .

Enter Sales Area Text

Now, create a new order of the same order type ( OR ) . You should now be able to see that the newly entered sales text in the Sales Area tab supercedes the text entered in the General Text

Sales text now flows down to the sales order

This is because, the customer sales texts ( KNVV ) supersedes the Customer General Texts ( KNA1 ) in the Access sequence associated to the text ID Form Header in text determination procedure associated with the sales order of type OR.

Show Access Sequence Again

How to let a standard text ( SO10 ) object be determined as a text in text determination

Standard text objects can be configured using SO10. For example, a piece of text say “Payment needs to be made before the 1st of the month” can be configured as a text object so that it can be used again and again in programs or configuration. The way to configure a text object is to go to SO10 ,give a name ( say ZTEXT1 ) and click on create.

Enter the text requiredNow, in order to use this text in standard text determination, when creating the access sequence associated with the text type in the text determination procedure , enter the text object as “TEXT” and ID as “ST”When you use the text object as “TEXT” , the column “Text Name” will be enabled for that row and you can enter the text id there as shown below. And as you can see, the corresponding text can be made to flow down to the corresponding text type during text determination as shown below.

0 thoughts on “Text Determination in SAP SD

  1. Gautam says:

    created the text determination for central text..at the customer account group level


    zgd1–gautam account group
    zd—-gautam text type 1

    ZGP1–gd text det proc 1–

    customer 98743 created. –it appeared in the Extra–Text–General Data.


  2. Gautam says:


    can you please help on this…related to header doc type….

    My text det procudure is not being passed to the order( text-Overview Tab) from the customer(texts—–General Tab)

    for header doc type..

    zd header text type

    zgd2—–sales order type

    ZGP2–gd header type text det proc

    Access seq—41—zdp2—–was assigned

    98782 –customer created

    Order no–14490


  3. jitesh says:

    hi siva,

    i have created following :

    new text type: y12,

    new account group: Y211

    new text procedure: y8

    assigned new account group to (Y211) Y8(text procedure)

    in procedure i add no delivery after 11pm as a special note.

    created customer and it appears in extra- text .


  4. karun says:

    Hi Siva,

    I am not able to do Text determination for KNVV object, even I tried for KNA1 object, I had same issue.

    I have followed the steps and even I tried from creating Account group and assigning text procedure for the same.

    Please check following configuration for KNVV object

    Text type — Z010- Batch expiration on packing list
    Text procedure – Z9 – Batch expiration
    Text Id – Z010

    Text procedure assignment- Z9 assigned to account group – ZDKR

    Same way I repeated for KNA1 object
    Text type — Z011
    Text procedure – ZD –
    Text Id – Z011

    Text procedure assignment- ZD assigned to account group – ZDKR

    Please let me know where exactly I missed the configuration.



  5. Nas says:

    I have created customer 1707 (CAG: ZMGL) and inserted sales text to text type “ZMGL- Customer central Tex Type MGL” ( KNA1 Object) that I have created and configured for central text ZMGL and rechecked.

    For inter-document flow configuration (Central-customer to Sales Doc Header VBBK), I created sales header text type ZZGL where I wanted to map the central text to flow and configuration is done. When create order (25177) the text type “Sales Header Remarks MGL Redo” appears in the sales order of type ZMGL, but not the text itself. Checked for language settings.

    Now if I click the “Sales Header Remarks MGL Redo” in the sales order HeaderText tab, then it appears, not automatically appears in the white text area. Can you please advice? To initiate transport, select ‘Text – Transport’ in the initial screen.


  6. raghava says:

    Hi Siva,

    In today’s class we were discussing that a new text determination can be applied to only new customer created, but not for already existing customers. If the above thing is right what I remembered, But when I look at the customer (7819) (XD02->extras->Texts) you have created before creating the text determination, newly created text determination is available for already existing customer in that particular cust. acc group.


  7. Sumanta says:


    I have a text in customer master sales area (object KNVV). In the shipment created for this customer, I want to copy this text into a particular textid (object VTTK). Can this be done by SAP standard?


    • siva says:

      By Shipment did you mean delivery ? If yes then it is possible. Also, I am not sure if you are our student. In order to utilize our limited resources, this forum is designed for use by students of Magna Training ONLY. I am sorry, we will not be able to help you with queries like this.


  8. Vijay says:

    I believe there is some issue in the explanation of reference part. Can you please check.
    “In the picture above, the text ID Header Note 1 is referenced whereas the rest are not. What this means is that if the quotation’s text ID Header Note 1 is changed, the same will be reflected in the downstream document, Order. But any changes to the text ID , Form Header in the quotation will not carry over to the order”
    System works the other way around.


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