Contracts in SAP – SAP SD Training – Jan 2011 Batch

Today, we have discussed different types of Contracts in SAP and the have seen demos of the same. Here is a brief summary of  the session.

Contracts in SAP SD Training – Theory
Summary : We have discussed the the following Contract Document Types ( Also Called Outline Agreements )

  1. Quantity Contract
  2. Value Contract
  3. Assortment Module
  4. Service & Maintenance Contract
  5. Master Contract

Questions :

  1. All Contracts document types require release orders.  ( Give examples of document types in either case )
    1. TRUE
    2. FALSE
  2. Why is the  ‘Completion Rule’  of the Quantity Contract Related SAP Item Category set to ‘C’ ?
  3. What is the Transaction code to create Contracts in SAP ?
  4. Create a Quantity Contract in SAP for Customer 1400 and for material M-01 with quantity 100. Specify the Contract #
  5. Create a Release Order for a quantity of 50 , with reference to the SAP Contract created in Q.4 and specify the Release Order #
  6. Create another Release Order with reference to the SAP Contract created in Q.4 and this time, fully reference the quantity and specify the Release Order #
  7. Describe in your own words, why businesses use quantity contracts ?
  8. A _____________ order is created to release quantity from a quantity contract or value contract

Scenario 1 : Samsung has 1,000 computers in their New Jersey office and are constantly facing issues related to software and aging hardware. ABC  Computers Inc., suggests that they enter into a contract whereby they will take care of the computers/software for a fixed yearly fee.

Question 9. What kind of contracts would they enter into ?

Scenario 2 :Samsung  likes ABC Computer’s performance and after 1 year wishes to buy 300 more computers from them. However, since the company wishes to purchase so many computers, they wish to get a discount.

Question 10. What kind of contract would they enter into ?

Scenario 3 : Release Orders for Contracts created ( For Q.9 and Q.10 above ) will have to be created with reference to the contracts. However, the sales personnel entering the contracts might not be aware of the contracts that were created. ABC Computers want to put a system in place so that anytime orders are created for Samsung, they should be reminded that open contracts exist ( if any )

Question 11. What kind of configuration would have to be done to achieve the same in SAP ?