How to Create a Quotation in SAP – Part of SAP SD Training Help

Follow these steps to create a Quotation in SAP. This is used to answer our SAP Sales & Distribution Training exercises given to students attending our class. The process of creating a quotation in SAP is very similar to creating a sales order in SAP. Please refer to “How to create a Sales Order in SAP” link to see screenshots for the same.

Transaction Code : VA21

Menu Path : [ Logistics -> Sales & Distribution -> Sales -> Quotation -> Create ]

Step No. 1 : Enter the Quotation type of QT with the Sales Organization as 1000, Distribution Channel as 10 and division as 00 and hit Enter.

Step No. 2 : Enter the Customer Number as 1400 and a sample PO Number say  ” Test Quote”

Step No. 3 : Enter the Material Number and quantity. You can use the same material numbers as used in “How to create a sales order in SAP” section.

Step No. 4 : Additionally, you have to enter a Quotation Start Date and Quotation end date. The reason for having a validity date for a quotation has been discussed in the class already.

Save the quotation and it will be displayed in the status bar. Use the user id and password provided to you as part of the training when SAP Access § was granted to you. The trainer will also show you how to create these transactions on SAP system.

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§ SAP Access is provided by a 3rd party vendor – Fuze Server.