Posting Period xxx 2011 is Not Open

Not able to post invoices to Accounts because of the error “Posting Period xxx 20xx is NOT Open”

Solution : This problem needs to be corrected from the FICO configuration end. Anybody who has taken SAP FICO Training would be able to fix this. The transaction code to fix this is [ OB52 ]

Select the account type, fiscal year variant and change the “To Period” to the current year, period. That’s it – you are done. Now, save it and go back to the invoice again and release it to accounting.

SAP SD Training – Sales Order Header, Line item and Schedule Line item – Jan 2011 Batch

Excercises for the students in the month of Jan 2011 as part of SAP SD Training. For other modules of SAP Training, please visit our home page – Magna Training

Exercise Questions to be done for this Training Session.

1. What is the Inco Terms for SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
2. What is the Payment Terms for SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
3. How many line items are there in the SAP sales order # 5085 ?
4. What is the PO # for the SAP sales order # 5085 ?
5. What is the PO Date for SAP sales order # 5085 ?
6. What is the sales order creation date for # 5085 ?
7. Is the pricing date different from the SAP sales order creation date for # 5085 ?
8. What is the sales area for SAP Sales order # 5085 ?
9. What is the total value of the SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
10. What is the currency of the sales order # 5085 ?
11. What is the delivering plant for sales order # 5085 ?
12. What is the sales Unit of Measure for Line Item No. 10 in the SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
13. What is the Route that has been determined for the SAP Sales Order # 5085 or line item 10 ?
14. Is Line Item 10 of the sales order # 5085 Rejected ?
– Questions Related to Document Flow in SAP –
15. What is the Invoice # for sales order # 5085 ?
16. What is the Goods Issue # for Sales Order # 5085 ?
– Questions Related to Sales Document and Line Item Status in SAP –
17. What is the delivery status of the sap sales order # 5085 ?
18. What is the total processing status of the SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
19. What is the delivery status of line item 10 of SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
20. What is the billing status of the line item 10 of SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
21. What is the Goods Issue Status of the line item 10 of SAP Sales Order # 5085 ?
22. Can you tell if any items have been rejected from the SAP Sales Document Status of Order # 5085 ( Without going into the “Reason for Rejection” tab?
– Descriptive Questions – Please explain in words based on your understanding. Do not worry about other’s answers –
24. What are the uses of Document Flow ?
25. What are the uses of Status at the Line Item level and Header Level ?
26. Give some examples of Sales Unit of Measures as used in SAP ?
27. Give some examples of Payment Terms as used in SAP ?
28. What does the percentage in the Payment Terms description indicate ? ( For example, Net 30, 2% )
29. What is the difference between PO Date, Sales Order Creation date and Pricing Date ?

What is SAP ?

What is SAP – SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. In the ’70s, 5 folks from IBM started to develop software for standard enterprise requirements. This here is the key – Standard Enterprise requirements. Every enterprise has many standard processes/procedures. An in fact when SAP started out, they tried to automate Finance, which is the typically standard across any company. For example, any A/R department in finance has collection, invoices, consolidation etc as their primary functions. And since these were pretty standard across any company, it made sense to automate it. SAP® AG first wrote such finance software for an oil company in Germany and it was on a mainframe. It was called R/2 – R stands for realtime. The emphasis on ‘R’ was because, most automated processes were not real-time, instantaneous transactions. It was all batch programming based.

Who uses SAP – SAP is the most popular ERP software in the market today. It is used by most of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 50 % of the Fortune 500 companies. Recently, SAP is pushing very aggressively against its main competitors – Oracle Apps and JD Edwards ( Now part of SAP ) in the SME space. Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Bank of America are some of the well known companies that use SAP. SAP also has a very rich set of interfaces with its parters that offers seamless integration with most popular 3rd party products.

Why is SAP Required –  SAP ( or any such ERP ) is required to automate daily operations of any company. As discussed in the section ( What is SAP ), SAP is used to automate some of the daily operations like A/R, A/P, Sales, Asset Management, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Product Lifecycle Management etc.

Working in SAP – SAP provides significant opportunities in terms of jobs, businesses and more. There are a variety of jobs in SAP – Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Management Consultants, Project Managers in SAP and more.

Training in SAP – The best resource for SAP Training is SAP’s own education program. Other options include online and class-room based SAP Training Programs from other providers. Know more about what to look for in any SAP Training Provider here.

For a more in-depth article on SAP, click on What is SAP