SAP HR Live Project

Magna Training is proud to offer a full fledged SAP HR Live Project which includes all areas of SAP HR. For more information on SAP HR Training, please visit our link listed above.

What is included :

  1. Business Requirements in all of the following Functional areas of SAP HR
    1. PA ( Personnel Administration )
    2. OM ( Organization Management )
    3. TM ( Time Management )
    4. PY ( Payroll )
  2. Detailed Blueprint preparation ( Including techniques to prepare the same – SAP HR Blueprint Sample here or here)
  3. Full Fledged BPP’s ( Business Process Procedures ) which includes full configuration steps for all the business scenarios mentioned in the Business Requirement document.

The price for SAP HR Live project is as follows.

Option 1 : Full Fledged , Instructor led SAP HR Live Project Hands-on Training ( Including 30 hours of instructor time ) – $ 500

Option 2 : Full fledged SAP HR Training + Full Fledged , Instructor led SAP HR Live Project ( Option1 above )                     – $ 1000

If you are interested in Live Projects in other modules of SAP ( SAP SD Mini Live Project, SAP CRM Live Project etc ) , feel free to click on the links above. If you are interested in Online SAP Training, please visit Magna Training home page.