Copy Controls in SAP & SAP VOFM Routines – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

In today’s SAP SD Training class, we have discussed the following

  1. Copy Controls in SAP
  2. VOFM Routines in SAP
  3. SAP Copy Control Requirements
  4. SAP Copy Control data Transfer Routines

These data transfer routines and copying requirements are typically done by ABAP consultants and are relevant for students for SAP ABAP Training as well.

Question 1 : Create a Sales document type ZXXX ( as a copy of OR ). What is the first pop-up that SAP displays ?

Question 2 : What would you choose by default ?

Question 3 : What would be the effect of choosing “NO” in that pop up ?

Hint : Answer the following 4 questions to get a better understanding of Question 3 above.

  1. Go to the SAP Copy control transactions between Order and Delivery and select the ZXXX sales document you have choosen.
  2. Do you see entries there ? ( In case you have difficulties choosing the entries from the Position button, go to database table contents of SAP database table table TVCPL ). Here is how to view contents of a database table in SAP.
  3. Now choose “YES” in the pop-up again for another ZXXX SAP Sales document type and repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
  4. Explain what you have understood from the 4 questions above.

Question 4 : What is the delivery document type that will be created when you deliver the document of type ZXXX that you have created above and where is the corresponding configuration for that..?

Question 5 : Apart from the delivery document type field in the Shipping section of the SAP Sales document type configuration, what other configuration is necessary for deliveries to be created from the sales order ?

Question 6 : Give an example of a scenario that involves document flow between one SAP billing document to another ?

Question 7 : Give the Transaction codes for the following Copy Control Configuration

  1. SAP Delivery Documents to SAP Billing Documents
  2. SAP Billing Documents to SAP Sales Documents

Question 8 : Give some business example of the following copy controls

  1. Sales Document to Billing
  2. Billing Document to Sales
  3. Delivery document to Sales
  4. Billing Document to Sales

Question 9 : Which of the following is TRUE ?

  1. Copy controls requirements are used to control if the document flow can happen or not
  2. Document flow can be dissociated between source and target documents from showing up in transactions
  3. Billing to Billing Document flows  cannot be made to show up  using the document flow button in transactions.
  4. Data Transfer Routines routines work even though the Requirements returns False

Question 10 : Create a copy of QT say ZQxx and copy of OR say ZOxx. Are the copy controls between ZQxx and ZOxx already in place or do you have to create them ?

Question 11 : What is the Transaction code you have used to verify if copy controls exist between ZQxx and ZOxx ?

Question 12 : Create the following items in ZQxx

  1. 10 M-01
  2. 20 M-02
  3. 25 M-01
  4. 26 M-02

Create an order with reference to the quotation you just created and list the line items that have been created. Use Multiple copy in SAP (How to copy multiple columns in SAP using Ctrl + Y) to paste the line items  in your answer.

For more information on other SAP Training modules like SAP BW Training or SAP HR Training, please visit the respective pages.

Question 13 : Explain which part of the Copy control configuration controls the results you have seen in Q.12 ?

Question 14 : Mark the field  “Complete Reference” in the Sales Order header level copy controls between ZQxx and ZOxx. Now, create another quotation ( Q.12 above ) and create a sales order with reference to the quotation. Are you able to change the materials and quantities in the order ? Based on the results you see, explain in your own words, what complete reference means ?

Question 15 : Give some examples of standard SAP copying requirement routine numbers ?

Question 16 : Give some examples of standard SAP data transfer routine numbers ?

Question 17 : Is the SAP Copying Requirement Routine 001 the same as SAP Data Transfer Routine 001 ?

Question 18 : Give a business example of why a target Item category proposal would be using at item level copy controls ?

Question 19 : Which of the following is TRUE ?

  1. Item Category Proposal at copy control configuration takes precedence over SAP Item category Determination
  2. Item Category Determination will take precedence over Item category proposal at copy control configuration

Question 20 : Are the copying requirements Routine Number 001 at the header level same as the copy control requirement routine 001 at the line item level ?

Question 21 : Which field at the item category copy control configuration controls if document flow records are created ?

Question 22 : Give a business scenario where you would use “Copy Schedule” lines at the item level copy controls ?

Question 23 : What are the controls available at the schedule line level copy controls ?

SAP Customer Master – Simplified Version – SAP SD Training Batch – Feb 2011

This is a brief summary of the simplified version of the SAP Customer Master that has been discussed in the class. A more detailed SAP Customer Master is also available and will be discussed in another class with more examples. Learn more about SAP SD Training here and other SAP Training modules like SAP CRM Training or SAP HR Training here.

Summary  : We have discussed the 3 views of the Customer master and discussed the most important fields in the SAP Customer Master.

General View

  1. Name
  2. Search Term
  3. Address

Sales View

  1. Shipping Conditions
  2. Tax Classification
  3. Different Partner Functions
  4. Payment Terms

Company Code View

We have also discussed that the data in the company code view will be filled up either by the SAP FICO Consultants or by you based on the data given to you by the SAP FICO Consultant.

More notes here.

How to Delete Master Data in SAP

How to Block Master Data in SAP

How to create Customer Groups in SAP


Scenario 1: You are a Sales employee at ABC Computers Inc. A customer just called and inquired about a computer and asked for a quotation. As part of the Sales Process, you have collected the following information. His name is John Smith and his address is 1000 Denise Dr, Edison , NJ. He typically likes the computers to be shipped immediately and he is ordering on behalf of a non-profit organization. He wishes to pay within 60 days. He also mentioned that Dominik Adam ( One of our Field Sales employee ) has told him about this ABC Company and requested to place an order.

Question 1 : Create a Customer Master using the details mentioned above. Use the Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division of 1000/10/00 and the company code as 1000.

Hint : Follow the steps here  – How to create a Customer Master in SAP