Sample SAP Certification Questions – March 2011 SAP Training Batch

Here are some sample SAP SD Certification Questions§ that are given to our SAP Training students as part of SAP SD Training.

Question 1 : Which of the following views does the SAP material master contain ?

  1. MRP 4 View
  2. Purchasing Text View
  3. Accounting 3 View
  4. Warehousing Views
  5. Material Type Views

Question 2 : You can set up the following information specific to the customer material combination  ( Hint : SAP Customer Material Info Record )

  1. Delivery Tolerance
  2. Delivering Plant
  3. Delivery Priority
  4. Shipping Conditions
  5. Partial Delivery Indicator

Question 3 : SAP Plant Determination happens based on

  1. Delivering Plant in SAP Customer Master
  2. Delivering Plant in SAP Material Master
  3. Delivering Plant in SAP Sales Order Type
  4. Delivering Plant in SAP Customer Material Info Record
  5. Delivering Plant in material type

Question 4 : Which of the following is TRUE ?

  1. Customer Material Info Record ( CMIR ) takes precedence over data in Customer Master
  2. CMIR takes precedence over data in Material Master
  3. Material Master data takes precedence over CMIR

Question 5 : Which of the following are proposed in the Sales Order Transaction based on Master Data ONLY ?

  1. Shipping Conditions
  2. Delivering Plant
  3. Loading Group
  4. Lead Time
  5. Tax Classification

Question 6 : The basic data in the material master is relevant for all material master views in different Sales Orgs/Plants etc

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Question 7 : You can change the material group from the basic view of the material master at the sales org level views

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Question 8 :  Which of the following can be considered as master data ?

  1. Customer Master
  2. Material Master
  3. Pricing Condition Records
  4. Pricing Field Catalog
  5. Vendor Master
  6. Customer Material Info Records
  7. Asset Master
  8. Material Documents

Question 9 : Customer Material Info Records can be used for the following

  1. Transfer materials from Customer to Sales Order
  2. Translate material name from Customer’s version to company’s version
  3. Over-ride delivery tolerances from the Customer Master
  4. Over-ride customer Master’s shipping conditions’ preference
  5. Over-ride Material master transportation group


§ SAP Certification Questions are based on verbal inputs from students of Magna Training, who took their SAP Certification test from the US and UK and letting us know. The sole intent of listing these questions here is to help our SAP SD Training students understand how the questions typically are and to guide them with their certification. Magna Training does NOT represent any right over these and acknowledges that they are copyrighted property of SAP AG in Germany and other countries.