SAP Material Sales Views- SAP Sales & Distribution Training Series – Feb 2011 Batch

This post contains summary of today’s SAP SD Training class and exercises on the same. For more details on other SAP Training areas like SAP BW Training or SAP HR Training etc, please visit our Magna Training home page.

Yesterday, we have discussed Material Master Basic View 1 and Material Master Basic View 2 in the class. Today, we have discussed the Material Master’s Sales Views and here is a brief Summary.

Summary : We have discussed that although the SAP Material Master – Basic Views are constant for a material, the Sales Views could vary between Sales Organizations. We have discussed some practical situations where such data is useful. We have also discussed the business significance of the most important fields in the Sales View of the SAP Material Master.

SAP Material Master – Sales Org 1 View

  1. Sales Unit of Measure
  2. Division
  3. Distribution Chain Specific Status
  4. Material Group
  5. Tax Classification
  6. Minimum Order Quantity

SAP Material Master Sales Org 2 View

  1. Product Hierarchy
  2. Sales Material Group 1 through Material Group 5

SAP Material Master Sales General/Plant view

  1. Gross Weight
  2. Net Weight

We have also learnt that there are other fields like “Availability Check” , “Item Category Group”, “Account Assignment Group” etc that are very important for the Sales Processes and that we will be discussing these fields when the corresponding concepts will be discussed.

Scenario 1 : ABC Computers Inc Sells computers as discussed in the SAP Material Master Basic View Scenario. This scenario builds up on top of that. The company ABC Computers Inc, sells across the East Coast Sales Organization as well as the South Sales Organization. However, since the margins are too low in the South Sales Organization ( 1000/10/00 ) , the company has decided that they will only sell if the retailer ( Customer 1400 ) orders atleast 30 pieces of the material DIMOKK-17. All the materials that you created in the SAP Material Master Basic View scenario are commercials materials and are hence tax liable.

Question 1 : Change the material group in the Sales View of the Material DIMOKK-17 and see the effect of it on the Basic View. Describe what happened ?

Question 2 : Configure the minimum order quantity scenario. Can you force the SAP system to not create  orders at all if the minimum order quantity is NOT met ?

Scenario 2 : The company did some Sales Analysis and found out that a particular model of desktop ( DIMOLL-19 ) is not selling well and wishes to discontinue the product from April 1st, 2011.

Question 1 : Configure the material to discontinue from today and describe what happened when you created the order for that material ?

Scenario 3 : The company is doing some restructuring and decides to sell spare parts as well ( Like Hard Disks, RAM and other computer parts ). You were asked to create a material HDD250GB similar to DIMOKK-17, but since it could be used both as a Raw material for their finished parts ( Computers ) and sold as a separate part ( Finished Material ) , the company has decided to group it under finished products as well as Raw Materials.

Question 1 : Create a separate sales material group HDR ( Hard Disks Raw Material ) , and HDF ( Hard Disks Finished ) .

Question 2 : Configure the material HDD250GB with the sales material groups you created.

Scenario 4: For better reporting, the company has decided to use a hierarchical product structure/grouping for all their materials.

Question 1 : HDD250GB is a PC computer hardware drive. What Product Hierarchy would you use for this.. ?

Hint : You have not been taught how to create materials groups ( Groups 1 thorough 5 ) in the class. But this is a very common scenario in SAP, where in you would not know how to configure certain fields. SAP sometimes provides us a pointer as to where in the menu path  ( Under SPRO ) the configuration needs to be done. This will be discussed in the next class.