How to view the Factory Calendar in SAP – Jan 2011 SAP Training Batch

Today one of the SAP Training students asked how to view Factory Calendar in SAP when discussing Scheduling in SAP ?

Use the following Menu path

[ spro -> IMG -> SAP Netweaver -> General Settings -> Maintain Factory Calendar ]

Select “Factory Calendar”  and then click the view button. Select the SAP factory calendar you wanted to view ( in this case “US Factory Calendar” ) and then click on the Definition button.

Here you can see the definition of the US Factory Calendar.

The holidays associated with that calendar can be viewed using the SAP Holiday Calendar ID “US” . As usual , you need SAP Access to practice this. This is important for SAP MM Training, SAP PP Training and other SAP Modules as well.

Question 1 : Create a Custom Factory Calendar Zx valid from 2000 to 2020

Question 2 : Can you create a Factory Calendar without specifying the Holiday Calendar ?

Question 3 : Make the working days in the calendar Zx as Monday through Saturday.