How to view Field Changes to SAP Customer Master – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

If you want to view the changes that have been done to the SAP Customer Master, use the menu path Environment -> Field Changes. The system will list the fields that have been changed as follows. This concept applies to SAP Material Master also. So this post applies to both SAP SD Training students as well as SAP MM Training students.

If you want to view all the changed values at one, click on “All Changes” and the system will display the list of all the Old and new values for the field.

If you want to see the exact time and the user id who has done the specific changes, just double click on the change.

Though this is not a typical interview question, all SAP Training students should know this.

Question 1 : For SAP Customer Master 1400, give the list of changes that happened on 09.11.1994

Question 2 : On 10.10.96, the SAP Customer Master 1400 was changed . What is the old Recon Account and What is the new Recon Account ?

Question 3  : On 08.02.99, the SAP Customer Master 1400’s City was changed. Give the User id who has done this change ?