Consignments in SAP SD – SAP Training ( Feb 2011 Batch )

Consignments are a variation in the SAP Order to Cash cycle. Here is a brief summary ( followed by SAP practice questions ) of today’s SAP Training class.

Summary : We have discussed the important of consignments and when exactly they are used. We have also discussed how exactly the accounting process works ( From a goods movement perspective ) and the unique aspects of consignments that make it different from regular sales.

Questions : Based on today’s SAP SD Training class, please work on the following exercises.

Q. 1 – Describe in your own words how a consignment fill-up is different from a regular order ? ( Try to think of the following aspects – Accounting, Goods Ownership , Special stock vs unrestricted stock, Customer Premises vs the company’s plant location etc )

Q.2 – Describe in your own words how a consignment issue is different from a regular sales order ?

Q.3 – Describe in your own words, how a consignment issue is different from a consignment fill-up ?

Q.4 – Why does the SAP Document # 35000000 in our SAP system not have an invoice ?

Q.5 – What is the movement type associated with the corresponding delivery for the Document number specified in Q.4 ?

Q.6 – Why is it that material Account Documents are not created for the PGI of the SAP delivery document # 80009740 ?

Q.7 – What is the total value of the SAP Order # 35000000 and why ?

Q.8 – Which field controls the pricing of SAP Line Item No. 10 in the SAP Sales Order Number in Q.7 ?

Q.9 – What kind of document is SAP Sales Order # 9103 ?

Q.10 – Why is the Picking Quantity zero in SAP Delivery # 80012651 ?

Q.11 – What are the different (COGS and Inventory Account) G/L Accounts corresponding to the Accounting document in SAP Delivery # 80012651 ?

COGS A/c – ?

Inventory A/c – ?

Q.12 – The deliveries related to only one of the following SAP sales documents need picking. Which one and why ?

Consignment Fill-up

Consignment Issue

Q.13 – Are physical goods in an SAP  consignments Fill-up document type relevant for Availability check ? Give the procedure on how you found out the answer.

Scenario : Based on the Iron Ore scenario that we discussed today in the class, please create the following. Assuming iron ore is material M-01 and PC is the units ( in tons for example ), explain which document is necessary in each of the cases.

Q. 14 . Iron Ore company wants to dump 1000 tons at the factory premises.

Q. 15 – Factory wants to consume 100 tons today.

Q. 16 – Factory wants to return 5 tons ( because of the reasons discussed in the SAP SD Training class today )

Q.17 – The Iron Ore company wants to take away 50 tons for use elsewhere.

Q.18 –  Create the corresponding sales documents in sap and write them down here.

Q.19. – Write down the stock situation (Here is how you can check the stock overview in SAP) in the plant where you have created the SAP sales document types in Q. 18  above ?

1. Unrestricted Use.

2. Customer Consignment.

Q.20 – Delivery the Sales documents you have created in Q.18 above

Q.21 – Write down the stock situation ( after answering Q. 20 ab0ve )

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