SAP Customer Master – Simplified Version – SAP SD Training Batch – Feb 2011

This is a brief summary of the simplified version of the SAP Customer Master that has been discussed in the class. A more detailed SAP Customer Master is also available and will be discussed in another class with more examples. Learn more about SAP SD Training here and other SAP Training modules like SAP CRM Training or SAP HR Training here.

Summary  : We have discussed the 3 views of the Customer master and discussed the most important fields in the SAP Customer Master.

General View

  1. Name
  2. Search Term
  3. Address

Sales View

  1. Shipping Conditions
  2. Tax Classification
  3. Different Partner Functions
  4. Payment Terms

Company Code View

We have also discussed that the data in the company code view will be filled up either by the SAP FICO Consultants or by you based on the data given to you by the SAP FICO Consultant.

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Scenario 1: You are a Sales employee at ABC Computers Inc. A customer just called and inquired about a computer and asked for a quotation. As part of the Sales Process, you have collected the following information. His name is John Smith and his address is 1000 Denise Dr, Edison , NJ. He typically likes the computers to be shipped immediately and he is ordering on behalf of a non-profit organization. He wishes to pay within 60 days. He also mentioned that Dominik Adam ( One of our Field Sales employee ) has told him about this ABC Company and requested to place an order.

Question 1 : Create a Customer Master using the details mentioned above. Use the Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division of 1000/10/00 and the company code as 1000.

Hint : Follow the steps here  – How to create a Customer Master in SAP