Standard SD Reports in SAP

VA05 List of Sales Orders
VA15 List of Sales Inquiries
VA25 List of Sales Quotations
VA35 List of Scheduling Agreements
VA45 List of Contracts
V.26 Sales Document by Object Status
VA14L Sales Documents Blocked by Delivery
VL04 SAP Delivery Due List
VF04 SAP Billing Due List
VF05 List of Billing Documents

 Exercise :

  1. Internally, the reports VA05, VA15 and VA25 pull out different data. The key difference between these reports is based on which one of the following fields ?
    1. SD Document Type
    2. SD Document Category
    3. SD Document Group
    4. SD Document Rule
  2. What does the field “Open Contracts” mean in the report VA45 ?
  3. List YOUR Contracts between the last 2 months
  4. Can you list Sales Orders by a particular material ?
  5. What is the program behind the standard SAP Billing Due List ?
  6. Can you run the Billing Due List based on Billing Document Type ?
  7. Can you run the billing due list based on sales document type ?
  8. List the field and its value you would search on if you were asked to select all Quotations or type ZQT in “Not Approved” status assuming ZQT is associated with the status profile ZQT ?
  9. Which report would you use to list all the open sales orders on the delivery block “01” ?

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