Install and Configure Skype

Install and Use Skype

Magna Training offers quality and affordable SAP Training in all modules of SAP. We do this training completely online using a number of collaboration tools like webex, fuemeeting, teamviewer, skype et. The following are instructions on how to install skype. If you need instructions on how to install teamviewer click here.

This quick tutorial shows you how to install & use SKYPE – The FREE VOIP tool.

Install Skype in Windows Environment

Step No. 1 – Goto and click on the download button as highlighted.

Download Skype

Step No. 2 – If the download does not start, click on the “Start Download” text.

skype click on download

Step No. 3 – Save the installer file.

save skype file

Step No. 4 – Locate the installer on your hard disk and double click on it.

Locate the skype installer

Step No. 5 – Install Skype – 1

install skype - step 1

Step No. 6 – Install skype – step 2

install skype step 2

Step No. 7 – Skype will further download the necessary software. Wait until skype finishes installing.

wait until skype installs

Step No. 8 – Sign into Skype. If you have a skype user id you can just sign in. If not, continue to the next step.

sign into skype

Step No. 9 – Create your user id and password and accept the terms.

create skype user id

Step No. 10 – Set up Skype Preferences

skype preferences

Step No. 11 – Skype Call testing Service. Use this service to test your microphone and speakers. If this call does not work, there is something wrong with the set up. Contact your administrator.

skype call testing service.

Step No. 12 – Add a new contact to Skype. You might be asked to add your trainer as a contact so that he/she can communicate with you. Adding a contact is pretty similar to adding a contact in Yahoo messenger.

add contact

Step No. 13 – Search by first name, last name or just add by the id.

search contacts

Step No. 14 – Add the contact and start making calls. Just click on the id and click on the call button to start making calls.

add contact

This finishes the installation and use of Skype. The following steps are required if you need to conference multiple users in Skype.

How to Conference multiple users in Skype

Step 1 – Allow the first Contact ( Contact -1 ) to call you.

Allow the first Skype user to call you

Step 2 – While you are in call with Contact – 1 ask the second caller ( Contact-2 ) to call you.

Contact 2 is calling

Step 3 – If you Accept the call from Contact-2 , the call with Contact-1 will go “on Hold”

Caller 1 on hold

Step 4 – Using the “Settings” drop-down button , select “Add to Conference”

Add to Conference

Step 5 – That’s it, You are in conference with both Contact – 1 and Contact -2

In conference with both

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