Significance of Schedule Line Category in SAP SD

Schedule Line Category


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Schedule line category




Schedule Line Category determines how the schedule line behaves through the course of the logistics cycle.

Schedule Line Category


We already know that the sales item category is partly determined by the sales document type. The item category ( along with the MRP type of the material ) determines the schedule lines. It is also possible to determine schedule line category purely based on the item category irrespective of the MRP type. The schedule Line type can be seen either in the Procurement tab on the header or in the schedule lines tab at the line item level. The picture above shows that for line item 10 with item category TAN, the schedule line category is CP.

A schedule line category as discussed in the summary section determines many things about how the line item should behave. For example, it determines

  1. If the Schedule Line is Relevant for Delivery
  1. If the line item is Relevant for Transfer of Requirements
  2. If the line item is relevant for Goods Movement. If yes, what is the Movement Type to be used.
  1. If the line item can be procured externally ? If yes, which purchase order type should be used, the corresponding

  1. item categories etc

The following picture summarizes the key areas that the schedule line category impacts.

Schedule Line Category determines


Here are some examples of standard schedule line categories and how their different controls affect the transaction’s line item. For example schedule line CP ( Standard schedule line derived from TAN item category ), has a movement type of 601, makes the line item relevant for delivery, performs availability check and transfers requirements to MRP. Similarly, schedule line category CS ( derived from standard item category TAS ) makes the line item not relevant for delivery, availability check of transfer requirements.

Standard Schedule Line Categories



The menu path to do the configuration is [ SPRO -> IMG -> Sales & Distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents -> Schedule Lines] or t-code [VOV6]. Look at the controls behind the standard schedule line category CP

  1. Does not Have a delivery block by default
  1. Use the standard movement type 601 ( Goods Issue against a delivery )
  2. Is not relevant for external Procurement ( Since there is no PO Type, Item Category and Account Assignment )
  3. The item is relevant for delivery
  4. (Req./Assembly ) -> Implies that the requirements in the sales order are transferred to MRP
  1. Availability check is performed.

All of these controls are pretty self-explanatory. Go through other standard schedule line categories to understand different combinations of the same.

Schedule Line Category CP


You can see different examples of how the item category and hence the schedule line affects the logistics cycle.

Movement Type

: For example, you can see the effect of the schedule line category CP on the movement type used in the PGI.

Movement Types



Triggering external Procurement

: Similarly, you can see how the item category and hence the schedule line category affects the delivering cycle. In case of TAN the line item follows the standard delivery cycle. In case of TAS ( and CS ) a purchase requisition is triggered ( This is an example of an Individual Purchase Order triggered from the sales order ), because TAS determined CS schedule line category and the schedule line category is linked to NB Purchase Requisition.

Use of external procurement in the sales order line item


You can see an example of an actual Purchase Requisition generated out the line item because of the schedule line category.

Example of a purchase requisition triggered from a sales order line item


Similarly, the following 2 slides show the effect of the schedule line on availability check and transfer or requirements.

Effect of schedule line on availability check



Effect of schedule line on Transfer of Requirements


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6 thoughts on “Significance of Schedule Line Category in SAP SD

  1. Nas says:

    For Item category TAS and schedule line category CS of Order 14099 a purchase requisition has been created 10013846. It it doesn’t show in the document flow. Where can I see that document flow/document itself?


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