SAP WM Training

SAP WM Training ( Warehouse Management )


SAP Warehouse Management ( WM ) module handles the management of the entire warehouse. The key operations are picking, putaway, STOs, handling unit management etc. You will gain a thorough understanding of handling stock at the bin level, logging stock changes using RFid and WMs interaction with IM ( Inventory Management ). Since WM is very tightly integrated with IM and most jobs in fact ask for IM in conjunction with WM, we have included IM also in this training as a bonus. ( Please not that this is a 4-week course. Also please do let us know if you need EWM – Extended Warehouse Management as well as part of the course. There is an extra charge for EWM and will be dealt with on a case to case basis )

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Additional Freebies – Along with the training we provide the following additional services.

  1. One Month of WM functional support (After training, During the practice).
  2. Mock Interviews.
  3. Interview Tips.
  4. Resume Marketing

Intended AudienceSAP Warehouse Management is intended for any of the following audience.

  1. Experienced Business Users who have been working as Warehouse Manager.
  2. Experienced ABAP users who wish to get into the functional side of SAP.
  3. Less than 1 year of experience in SAP WM or EWM as a functional consultant.
  4. Functional consultants in MM , IM, SD functional areas who want to move further in the SAP logistics module.

Table of Contents

Basics of SAP , Warehouse Management

(Week 1 )

  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation
  • Organizational units and master data in Warehouse Management
  • Configuring the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
  • Batch management and quality management in the warehouse
  • Delivery processes using Warehouse Management
  • Staging components for production from the warehouse
  • Configuring the warehouse activity monitor as a control instrument
  • Inventory at storage bin level
  • Case study: setting up a new warehouse

Inventory Management & Physical Inventory Management

( Week 2 )

  • Goods receipt
  • Stock transfers/transfer postings
  • Goods issue
  • Reservations
  • Special forms of procurement (subcontracting, consignment, pipeline)
  • Special forms of material valuation (split valuation, non-valuated material)
  • Physical inventory and special inventory procedures: cycle counting and sample-based physical inventory in SAP
  • Reporting in inventory management
  • Selected customizing-settings for inventory management and physical inventory

Handling Unit Management

( Week 3 )


  • Basics of Handling Unit Management
  • Packing as the basic function of Handling Unit Management
  • Procurement processes using handling units
  • Distribution processes using handling units
  • Quality assurance and Handling Unit Management

RFID & Storage & Storage Unit Management

(Week 4 )

  • Radio frequency solution in the warehouse
  • Decentralized Warehouse Management
  • Storage unit management
  • Hazardous materials
  • Gain an overview of Handling Unit Management in Warehouse Management
  • Interfaces to external systems

0 thoughts on “SAP WM Training

  1. Fourie Kévin says:

    Hello, it is the 1st time that I want to try e-learning and I don’t know how it works.
    Is it like a DVD, that I can see whenever I want? Or is there a specific schedule? Can I see the lessons several time? Is there a support if I need to ask specific questions? Thank you in advance


    • siva says:

      Hi Fourie
      This is a live instructor led Remote SAP Training course. This is not a CBT or a pre-recorded e-learning course. The instructor will teach the subject using tools like webex where he/she will share his screen and illustrate the concepts by sharing the screen. The audio will also be full-duplex – meaning, everybody in the course will listen to the trainer live and the trainer can listen to any student’s voice and answer any questions.
      To understand this better, we offer a FREE no-obligation DEMO from the trainer so that you can understand this much better real-time. Looking forward.


  2. Sanjeet Rai says:

    I want to take SAP WM Training class. I have 10+ year of ABAP experience. Want to know how much it will cost.

    With Thanks
    Sanjeet Rai


    • siva says:

      We currently do NOT have SAP WM Training because of non-availability of a good trainer. Apologize for not being able to serve your needs.


  3. sridhar says:

    I need training in ABAP and EWM modules. I want to know about, when the batch will start?, what will be the cost? payment mode etc..


    • siva says:

      Hi Sridhar
      We do have ABAP Training. Unfortunately, we do NOT have EWM course at the moment. The fee for SAP ABAP Training is $650 which will include access to an SAP System and developer key to practice. The payment mode is via credit or debit card or paypal.


  4. Ruben says:

    Hola, buen dia

    Estaria necesitando tomar una capacitacion en el manejo funcional de SAP LE con foco en WM, Tengo experiencia en implementacion de aplicaciones WMS y TMS en otra tecnologia.

    Agradecere su pronta respuesta.

    Muchas Gracias


  5. Earl Johnson says:

    Are you offering SAP WM training now? If so, is the syllabus the same as above? What is the price for the 4 week course, and how is it delivered?


  6. Isaac says:

    I wonder if you have able this course to my country (Chile).
    I need training and there is not places to learn this area SAP, WMS and others modules of SAP, step by step i need you teach me.


  7. Ramakrishna Kishore says:

    I am SAP MM Consultant working in Hyderabad from past 6 years in materials management area, now I am looking for SAP Warehouse management – Handling units management. How many days (i.e duration) it will take for SAP WM HUM course.



  8. Certified WM EWM says:

    Learn WM from SAP certified Professional Consultant $700

    Learn EWM from SAP certified Consultant $950

    Combined WM/EWM course $1450

    Consultant with more than 10 years SAP real time experience and 4 SAP certifications.

    Rolling batches

    Email your contact details with your background

    learnwm.ewm at


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