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Variant Configuration Basic Concepts

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Variant configuration is SAP is used to order a configurable product. Customer can specify the options

he need the sales order. Variant configuration allows to check the following in the sales order.

Variant configuration is SAP is used to order a configurable product. Customer can specify the options he needs in the sales order. Variant configuration allows to check the following in the sales order.

  • Price for the product (In Sales order / Quote)
  • Availability of the items required to produce the configurable product
  • Possibility of production of the product according to customer specifications

The following elements need to be configured to enable the variant configuration.

  • Material Master
  • Characteristics
  • Class
  • Configuration Profile
  • Material BOM

Configuration in the material Master :

Usually KMAT material type is used to create configurable materials. But it is not mandatory to use the KMAT material type. A custom material type can be used for configurable materials. In this scenario make sure “Material is configurable” is checked on Basic data screen. Use MM01 (Create) / MM02 (Change) to create or edit the material master.

Material Master KMAT configuration

Change the General item category group, and item category group to “0002” on Sales Org 2 tab. For KMAT material type system assigns 0002 as default value. If another material type is used , item category group should be changed to 0002.


Variant configuration uses classification system to create the characteristics and classes required. Characteristics specifies the attributes of the product and allowed values for each attribute. Ex : Color is the characteristic and Red, Blue, Green…etc are the values of the characteristic.

Follow the below path to create/change the characteristics.

Characteristics Menu Path

Create Characteristics

Characteristics can take single value or multiple values. The value assignment specifies whether a Characteristic is single valued or multi valued. Specify the allowed values on the Value tab. Characteristic gets the value which is marked as default.

Class :

A class combines all the characteristics for the configurable product. For variant configuration class type 300 is used. Follow the below path to create a class.

Menu Path to Create Classes

Create Class

Make sure status of the class is released. Status field can be used to block the class to be used during the preparation of the class. Assign “In Preparation” or “Locked:” to block the class. Assign the keywords used to search the class in “Keywords” tab. Assign the required characteristics on characteristics tab.

Details of Creating a Class

Class is assigned to the material master through configuration profile. Configuration Profile : Configuration profile can be created by following the below path.

Logistics -> Central Functions -> Variant Configuration -> Configuration Profile

Create Configuration Profile

Enter profile name (user choice), and class type as 300. Class type must be 300. After entering the class type push class assignments button.

Enter Values for Characteristics

Enter the created class(CL01) in the class field. Go back, and press profile details button ( Config Button), then config initial screen.

Configuration Parameters

In the above screen , BOM explosion is controlled. If user needs BOM explosion in the sales order select Single level, or multi level based on the requirements. Single level explodes only one level i.e. if a component is a BOM, component BOM will not be exploded. Multilevel explosion explodes components BOM.

Order BOM under process tab enables the users to give a second chance to edit the exploded BOM (technical review) . User creates a sales order in VA01. System creates a BOM, which is associated with the sales order according to the options/characteristics chosen by the user . A technical person can review and edit the BOM in CU51(Order BOM) like replacing of an unavailable part with an alternate part.

Material BOM : BOM (Bill of material) contains all the components required to manufacture the product for all the combinations of the characteristics. Based on the options choose by the user on the sales order, components from BOM are derived. Follow the below path to create bill of material :

Logistics ?> Sales and Distribution ?> Master Data ?> Products ?> Bill of material ?> Material BOM (CS01).

BOM usage

BOM Usage

BOM Usage must be specified as 3 (universal ) or 5 (Sales and Distribution). Universal BOM can be chosen in all the modules like production planning, purchasing, Sales and distribution.

Enter BOM Components

Enter all the components and quantities which constitutes the BOM. Finally all the configuration required for the variant configuration is done. Let us test our effort by

creating the sales order.

Creation of Sales order:

Use transaction code VA01 to create the sales order. Enter the Order type, sales area on the initial screen.


Create Sales Order

Enter sold to party, material number, quantity, plant in the respective fields, and press enter. It is very important to enter quantity, plant to trigger the variant configuration.

Assign default characteristic values to the system

The default values for the characteristics are assigned on the sales order by the system. To see all the allowed values for a characteristic press the bubble button besides a characteristic value.

List of possible characteristic values

This completes the basic configuration of the variant configuration.

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