SAP SD Interview Questions

SAP SD Interview Questions

Please click on the respective links, and answer the questions in the comment section. Some are simple theoretical questions but can get pretty complex when mixed with real life questions. Most of these questions are scenario based and that’s how they are in real life. So, as discussed in the class – Always be prepared with real-time scenarios.

General SAP SD Questions

SAP SD Project Questions

  • What is GAP Analysis ?
  • What is an SAP Blueprint Document ?
  • What is the difference between a Blueprint Document and a Functional Specification document ?

SAP SD General Interview Questions

  • How do you adapt to new changes in the Project ?
  • How do you push back on changes from the user ?
  • How do you manage tough deadlines ?
  • What was your team size ?
  • What was the location of your project ?
  • Why did you leave your current project ?
  • Whom did you report to in your last project ?
  • How did you communicate with your user groups across different geographical locations ?
  • What was your specific role in the last project ?
  • How do you push back on changes and rationally explain the same to your manager ?
  • Give some examples of a project with tough deadlines that you have done ?
  • If your manager/users ask you to move the project without proper testing, how would you handle the situation ?
  • Your queue is filled-up and over-flowing and you are not able to handle the work ( tickets for example in a production support project ). How do you handle the situation ?
  • Given a task, how do you manage it through its life cycle ?
  • How do you handle situations where a power user/process owner is not signing off on a blueprint/UAT and forcing you to do more than you you had to ?
  • What kind of Data Migration did you do in your last projects ?
  • Tell me about your SAP Skills  ** ?
Real Time SAP SD Interview Questions
  1. Can you give a scenario in your project where you have used the help of SAP ABAP consultant to do the customization
  2. Explain some  of the gaps that you have found in your recent GAP Analysis and how you proposed the solution to fill the gap ?
  3. Can you explain the most complex situation you faced in the project and discuss the proposed solution ?
  4. Give me a couple of examples of the latest product support tickets you got and the resolution if any ?
  5. What are the ways in which you can block a material from being ordered ?
  6. Give me one example of a functional requirement that you mapped in SAP and explain how you have documented in an SAP Functional Specification document
  7. In your last project, can you give a description of the SAP team structure ?

Scenario Based Questions :

Do you have an interview question you want to add ? Please post your SAP interview questions here.

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40 thoughts on “SAP SD Interview Questions

  1. Zahid Abbas says:

    Siva Sir,
    Can u plz post answers for these questions? Thanks.

    A.Can you give a scenario in your project where you have used the help of SAP ABAP consultant to do the customization?

    B.Explain some of the gaps that you have found in your recent GAP Analysis and how you proposed the solution to fill the gap ?

    C.Can you explain the most complex situation you faced in the project and discuss the proposed solution ?

    D.Give me a couple of examples of the latest product support tickets you got and the resolution if any ?

    E.What are the ways in which you can block a material from being ordered ?

    F.Give me one example of a functional requirement that you mapped in SAP and explain how you have documented in an SAP Functional Specification document?

    G.In your last project, can you give a description of the SAP team structure ?


  2. shyam says:

    Hi Sir,
    Here are some more questions which i faced in my recent interviews,

    1.what is the difference btwn Rush Order and Cash Sale?
    2.what is the movement type for returns?
    3.Scenario: My customer returned the faulty products, I want to send them to quality check instead of sending them to normal stock.where should i do the configuration.
    4.what is the item category for cash sales?
    5.Scenario: I have 2 customers “a” and “b”.I need to create a sales order for both of them using ZOR sales doc type.Both needs the same material m-01. But for customer “a” the item category of m-01 shud be tan and for “b” the item category is tann. where shud i do the configuration.
    6.what is the advantage of Milestone billing over periodic billing?
    7.what is SCRAP SALES in sap sd?
    8.what is the use of requirement field in pricing?
    9.How do we do intercompany STO wrt. SD and MM.
    10. Configuration settings for intercompany STO.
    11.what is horizon period in dynamic credit?
    12.can billing be done without doing PGI?
    13.Can a sales order, delivery and billing done for item quantity “zero”
    14.what triggers the third party sales and configuration settings?
    15. What is consignment process?
    16.can one sales order have multiple pricing procedure?
    17.If we can change the inco terms of each item in a sales order it will result in invoice split..but we configure the inco terms in customer master and not in material master…how can u justify?


    • siva says:

      I will create links for them. Thanks for the input Shyam. I guess I am supposed to call you back. I was in the class the last time you called me. My phone currently has some issues ( Prepaid to post paid etc ) . I will email you. Can you please email me your number ?


    • vamsee says:

      15.consignment process
      1.consignment fill up(CF) , movement type 631, item catagiry KBN ,sechduline catagiry E1
      2.consignment issue(CI), movement type 633, item catagiry KEN, sechduline catagiry C1
      3. consignment pickup(cp),movement type 632,item catagiry KAR,sechduline catagiry F1
      4.consignment return (conr),movement type 634,item catagiry KRN,sechduline catagiry D1


      • Abhishek Gupta says:

        Schedule line is given wrong in above ans,it should be as follows along with correct sequence of Consignment process :
        Fill up – E1
        Issue – C1- Relevant for Billing
        Return – D0 – Relevant for Billing
        Pickup – F1


    • Abhishek Gupta says:

      8.Requirement is a routine written by ABAPer according to the business requirement.By defining the requirement in the condition technique we can restrict the access of condition type. Example : Rebate is processed during biling doc processing not in order doc processing, In order to process the rebate in the billing document we assign requirement 24 in the condition technique.This ensure that condition type will appear during the billing document processing not in order.


  3. shyam says:

    Here are some more questions sir,

    1. In 3rd party sales after creating the PR is , if i block the order, what will happen to the PR?

    2. During 3rd party sales, when the 3rd party sends the stock to us against the PR raised, we do PGR(post goods receipt), what gets updated during pgr? and if the 3rd party sends the stock directly to the customer, what shud v do..either pgi or pgr?

    3. how will you determine text flow from a sales document to billing document?

    4.In document flow, we find the status as open, complete and not complete? where is the setting for this document flow update?


  4. shyam says:

    Here are some more questions asked in my recent interview..

    1. what is make to order and complete configuration procedure step by step…
    2.can a plant be associated with 2 different company codes? if yes , then which is the business process that needs this configuration?
    3.what are the important 16 fields in condition technique…
    4. what is the difference btwn simple and automatic credit check and diff btwn static and dynamic?
    5. what is credit exposure and where is it managed?
    6. if my client doesnt want 2 include open orders while doing credit check, where shud i do the configuration?
    7. what are the data migration techniques other than LSMW?
    8. is it possible to give free goods with consignments? it possible to have 2 pricing procedures in a sales order?
    10. can a pricing procedure in a sales document be different that of the pricing procedure in a billing document?
    11. what is the purpose of delivery item category?
    12. can one belong to 2 diff Comp.Code? explain in detail with a real time scenario…

    Pls update these questions in this section sir…thank you..


  5. Habib says:

    Hi Siva,

    How do we answer the following interview question:

    1.) Tell me about your SAP SD Skills

    Your assistance would be much appreciated. I would like to know the structure or the sequence of what one should talk about. How much info should one spill? Should we bullet point the skills and then speak on them in great detail or simply dive in.

    I would like to know how you would go about answering such a question. So that one sounds very professional and not amateurish



  6. mallikarjun says:


    can u give answer for this…. i was asked in the interview

    what is the gap which u have identified in ur last project and how did u solve it. kindly help me with this question


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  25. Abhishek Gupta says:

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