SAP SD Interview Questions

Q What is the difference between Billing and Invoice ?

A. Billing document is a generic term for all the billing documents like Proforma Invoice ( F5 ), Invoice ( F2 ), Intercompany Billing document ( IV ) etc.

Q. In a sales order is it possible to have different ship-to parties at header and item level ?

A. Yes, it is possible. When creating deliveries, if the shipping point is different at the item level, then system proposes separate deliveries for each item.

Q. Can we create two condition records that contain same data for the same material with over lapping time periods ?

A. Yes, For eg., we can create one condition record for a material price and define the validity period as the entire current calendar year. At the same time, we can create another condition record that partially overlaps the first record. The second record for example, can define a special sales price for a limited validity period of just one month. However, the point to be noted here is that the two condition records CANNOT have the same validity period ( other things being equal )

Q. Can we copy condition records even when the source or target records have different condition types , condition tables ?

A. Yes, we can copy. However, the following pre-requisities apply when copying condition records.

– If the condition tables differ between the source and target condition records, then

-> Only one field may differ between the condition tables.

-> The condition tables must contain the same number of fields.

– If the condition types differ between the source and target condition records, then each condition type must have the same calculation rule, scale , type and condition class indicator.

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Q. In the sales Order, the “Terms of Payment” is different for each item. How does this affect the subsequent processes ?

A. The deliveries will happen irrespective, but the invoice will be split. ( Split Invoicing )

Q. How can we create condition records for header conditions ?

A. Trick Question. You CANNOT create condition records for header conditions. They have to be manually input during creating/modifying the sales order.

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