SAP SD – Customer Master Customization

Customer Master Customization

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Customer master is the primary master data in SAP SD. Typically SAP SD functional consultant will have to customize the customer master at least a little bit to suit the requirements of the project. Since this is very standard data and needs to be synced across systems ( For Example ECC CRM ), SAP allows very little customization to the customer master. Nevertheless, SAP allows full customization in the customer master in terms of fields (Hide, show, grey out fields, make fields mandatory etc)and external interfaces ( Interacting with external tax vendors like Vertex etc ) .


Menu Path is [ SPRO -> IMG -> Logistics General -> Business Partner -> Customers -> Control ]

Field Status Group Customization for Customer Master

Configure Field Statuses in Customer Master

Step 1. – The control is defined at the customer account group level. So for a customer type of Sold-to – 0001 , the fields can be customized. Select the Customer Account Group. In this case we have selected the 0001 – Sold-to Party.

Select the customer account group

Step 2. – A customer master in standard R/3 can have multiple views – General view, company code view and the sales view. Double click on the corresponding text in the Field status tab to customize the specific view.

Double Click the view

Step 4. – Fields in the customer master data are grouped into “Status Groups” or “Field Status Groups” . For example, the Address group contains all the fields related to the address data like the name, street name, zip code etc. Select the right field status group.

Select the Field Status Group

Step 5 .- Each field can have any of the following 4 statuses – These statuses are self-descriptive.

  • Suppress – Do not show the field in the master data.
  • Required Entry – Make this field mandatory.
  • Optional Entry – Make this field an optional entry.
  • Display – Gray out this field.

Possible Statuses


Here is an example of the customer master “Name” field for the standard customer account group 0001- Sold to party. The little check mark in the name field signifies that the field is indeed mandatory.

Example of customer master before changes

Now change the radio button of the first field ( Name 1/Last name ) to Opt. entry.

Change the field status group to optional

If you create a new customer now, you can see that the name of the customer will be optional ( As is evident by the lack of the check mark in the Name field )

Customer Account Field Status group made optional

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0 thoughts on “SAP SD – Customer Master Customization

  1. Julie says:

    Can you please take a look at the screen shot and tell me where am i going wrong ….and also I am not getting the Tax details in the Billing Tab when I am creating the customer …..???


    • siva says:

      Type in SPRO in the command window ( where you enter the t code ) and click on “SAP Rerefence IMG” and then the rest of the path is pretty obvious. Let’s dicuss this on Monday’s class if required.


  2. Harsh says:

    I tried creating my own account groups as
    Sold to party (AG) k01
    Bill to party (RE) k03
    Payer (RG) k02
    Ship to party k04
    Sales rep k05
    One time customer K06

    I was not able to find partner determination for last three accounts group. What should I do?


  3. Muthu says:

    Hi Siva,

    I tried creating a test customer with no 66661 under 1000 ,10,00.
    When filling up the Sales area view,I am facing problems with the Taxes section.
    It is greyed out and I cant enter anything.I cant proceed further because it says “check tax classification,mnt incomplete”.I went into SPRO,and even tried to make this field to optional , as described in one of your articles to customise the Billing docs in the “Maintain field status Group” But still it does not work.Can you please help?


    • siva says:

      As discussed in today’s class – you have succesfully achieved this. But, PLEASE do NOT change standard Customer Account Groups. It will create problems for others. Hope you understand.


  4. Larry Cabral says:

    Account Group ZLC1 defined (copy from 0001 Sold-to-Customer). Fields customized.

    Assumption – Once a customer is created using an account group because previously defined field values in the customer record may not correspond to the requirements of the different account group.


  5. Prem says:

    I tried to customer last name field but it is not allowing me to save.It prompts a window as “Prompt for Customizing project”. I am not sure what to enter in Request. Please advise.



    • siva says:

      In Customer Account Group, you can specify a number range ( defined in VN01 ) . Create your own customer account group and try it. If not, please give me the details here and I will fix it for you.


  6. jitesh says:

    Created Account group: Z003 > tcode is OVT0.
    It controls:

    1) Field selection
    2) No range
    3) One time customer or not?
    4) Text determination procedure, partner determination procedure
    5) out put type


  7. Thyaga says:

    Suppose i have added 3 custom fields in the table for customer and they do not appear in the Transaction but in another UI, for example, a WEB UI.

    How will i make these 3 fields mandatory through SPRO, so that they appear mandatory in WEB UI also?




  8. Raghava says:

    1. Created Account group – ZBR1 (SPRO->IMG>Logistics General>Business partner>Customers>Define account groups) a copy of 0001
    2. Now go to partner determination TCODE (VOPAN) or path SPRO>IMG>Sales and dist>Basic Functions>Partner determination
    3. Created a new partner function for customer master say copy of SP (BS)
    4. Assigned newly created partner function BS to account group ZBR1
    5. Created a new partner procedure copy of AG (BG)
    6. Assigned the partner function BS in partner procedure BG
    7. BG Partner determination procedure Assignment to account group ZBR1 created.
    8. Now created a new customer # 128 belong to ZBR1 account group, the partner determination proc in sales area is BG
    9. Now created a sales order xx for this new customer, a new partner function is determined automatically since mandatory field is selected in partner function.


  9. says:

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