SAP Sample Resumes

We have compiled a list of resumes from our SAP consultants working on different SAP modules. SAP template resumes are only given to our customers only. In addition we provide the following services .

We provide the following FREE services to all our Customers.

Resume Preparation Services
We help you prepare the resume in your training area. Your instructor already has sample set of resumes based on which he/she will help to model you resume . A good resume attracts potential recruiters. For someone who is new to SAP or to a particular functional module, it can be very hard to find sample resumes ( Try googling for them !! ). We will help you identify your strengths, your background and highlight them. Also we will make sure your resume is a perfect balance between what the market wants and your strengths.

Mock Interviews
Mock interviews are one of the most important final step ( Next only to professional networking ). After helping you prepare your resume, our instructors will talk to you and conduct a mock interview. The process will be very formal and will try to imitate a real professional interview. After finishing the interview, the instructor will give you feedback and mention key points for improvement.

Click on SAP Resume Preparation Tips to review some tips on SAP Resume Preparation.

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  1. Rahul Gupta says:

    Come visit our website. We are an exclusive job portal for students and alumni of elite colleges in India, with a mission to connect exceptional talent to top notch jobs.


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