SAP Pricing Header Condition type vs Item Condition Type

SAP Pricing Condition types can be two types. Header condition types vs Item Condition Types. Most condition types belong to Item Condition Type. Very few however are header condition type.

Some examples of header condition type are HB00, RB00 and so on. The configuration that specifies whether a condition type is Header or Item Condition type is specified in the “Changes which can be made” section of the Condition type.

Go to [ V/06 ] tcode and open the condition type say HB00

Screenshot is Copyright of SAP® AG

One important thing to notice here is that the condition type HB00 does not have an Access Sequence associated with it. So by definition this does NOT have a Condition Record. In this case, how is the price/discount data being determined ?

YES – You have guessed it right. These condition types are NOT automatically determined. They can ONLY be entered manually. That is the reason why the option “Manual Entries” has No Limitations as the option.

Now, lets consider a simple scenario and build up on top of it. Both these scenarios refer to a sales order like the one below.

Screenshot is Copyright of SAP® AG

Scenario 1 :  We are negotiating the price of a sales order with a customer and have finally decided to offer a discount of $100 in total.  There are 2 line items in the sales Order. How can we distribute $100 as discount among all the line items proportionally ?

Use Condition type HB00 and apply it at the header level as shown below ( Go to Header -> Conditions tab )

Screenshot is Copyright of SAP® AG

Let’s see how this discount has been distributed across the line items. Typically, they are distributed by value but this can be changed.

Screenshot is Copyright of SAP® AG

And line item 20 will have a value of 75 EUR for the HB00 being distributed to it.

Screenshot is Copyright of SAP® AG

There can be many other basis on which the header discount can be distributed between line items. This can be configured in the SAP Pricing Procedure at the condition type level using Alternate Calculation Routine.

Scenario 2 : Same as Scenario 1 with one difference . The discount of $100 needs to be given to each line item. So for the total of 2 lines, the total discount should be $200

One thought on “SAP Pricing Header Condition type vs Item Condition Type

  1. Nas says:

    Document 25029 created and saved and added at the header conditions. The HB00 (810) discount condition type and appeared under discount condition type ZEVI (11) Pricing and YEVI (101) discount … The the condition values could be changed for both ZEVI and YEVI why???

    25030 Created with 10 Value discount.

    25031 created with HA00 (Percentage discount) and it was working on the 11 -101 value result was 2400.

    25132 Created (with HA00 from 11) it works and result is value 23.76 which means it works on zevi but positively.

    25033 created with HA00 Negative and it works negatively 19.44.

    25034 : I copied HA00 to HA0E with negative and plugged into ZEVI01 copying HA00 with HA0E at 810 and counter 4.
    Before HA0E, price is 24 -2.4 = 21.60

    25035: After manually entering HA0E, 21.60-2.16 = 19.44.

    25036: Again I inserted 11 in from column against HA0E and calculation changed to 19.20.


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