SAP MM Training

SAP Material Management ( MM ) module handles the material life cycle (Creation, Management Archiving), Procurement ( purchasing, payments ) , inventory Management ( cycle counting, in-bound and out-bound material movements ) and MRP ( Material Resource Planning ). For SAP MM Training learn more by clicking on the link above.

Intended Audience – SAP Material Management is intended for any of the following audience.

  1. Experienced Business Users who have been working as Warehouse Managers and resource planners in logistics.
  2. Experienced ABAP users who wish to get into the functional side of SAP.
  3. Less than 1 year of experience in SAP Material Management as a functional consultant.

Table of Contents

Basics of SAP , Material Management

(Week 1 )

  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation
    • SAP GUI Navigation – I
    • SAP GUI Navigation – II
    • SAP GUI Navigation Exercise
    • SAP GUI Presets
  • Introduction to SAP Procurement Business Cycle
  • SAP MM Enteprise Structure
  • Master Data
    • Material Master
    • Vendor Master
  • Procure to Pay Transactional Details
    • Procuring Goods and Services
    • Purchase Requisitions
    • Request for Quotation
    • Purchase Order
    • Goods Receipt
    • Invoice Processing
    • Paying an Invoice

Procure to Pay Customization – I

( Week 2 )

  • Procurement Processes
    • Basics of procurement
    • Master data (material, supplier, info record)
    • Procurement process for stock material
    • Procurement process for consumable material
    • Procurement process for external services;
    • Automated procurement process
    • Analysis in materials management (overview)
    • Master data for purchasing
  • Purchasing
    • Sources of supply: info records, contracts, and scheduling agreements
    • Source determination
    • Optimized purchasing
    • Special procurement processes
    • Document release (approval) procedure
    • Vendor evaluation
    • Customizing
    • Vendor master records
    • Document types
    • User parameters

Procure to Pay Customization – II

( Week 3 )

  • Pricing in Purchasing
    • Elements of the condition technique
    • Price determination
    • Header and group conditions
    • Maintaining conditions
    • Special condition types and functions
    • Conditions for services
    • Variant conditions
    • Subsequent settlement
    • Customizing
  • Logistics Invoice Verification
    • Introduction to invoice verification
    • Invoice entry and parking
    • Taxes, cash discounts, and foreign currency
    • Invoices for purchase orders with account assignment
    • Variances with and without reference to an item, invoice blocking reasons
    • Invoice reduction, releasing blocked invoices
    • Delivery costs
    • Subsequent debits and credits
    • Credit memos and cancellations
    • Invoice verification in the background
    • Automated processing
    • GR/IR clearing account maintenance
    • Customizing for invoice verification

Inventory Management

(Week 4 )

  • Inventory Management ( IM )
    • Goods receipt
    • Stock transfers/transfer postings
    • Goods issue
    • Reservations
    • Special forms of procurement (subcontracting, consignment, pipeline)
    • Special forms of material valuation (split valuation, non-valuated material)
    • Physical inventory and special inventory procedures: cycle counting and sample-based physical inventory in SAP
    • Reporting in inventory management
    • Selected customizing-settings for inventory management and physical inventory

Planning ( MRP )

( Week 4 )

  • Consumption based Planning
    • Master data
    • Planning run and evaluation
    • Lot-size calculation
    • Forecasting in consumption-based planning
    • Source determination during MRP
    • MRP areas and storage locations
  • Demand Planning
    • Demand management (MTS/MTO)
    • Executing material requirements planning
    • Technical processes of MRP
    • Evaluating and processing the MRP results
    • Special processes in the context of MRP

Special Business Processes – I

( Week 5 )

  • Stock Transfer Order
    • Gain an insight in to the Intra-company-code and Cross-company-code stock transfer processes.
    • Learn how to transfer materials between two plants within the same company code and between two plants that belong to differing company codes, by means of purchase order and delivery transactions.
    • Become acquainted with the stock transfer process from the point of view of sales and distribution, inventory management and shipping.
    • Work with purchase orders, delivery and billing documents
    • Explain which settings in SD and MM are necessary for and possible for stock transfer processing
    • Customize the intra-company code and cross-company code stock transfer process
    • Explain the significance of a goods recipient and payer master data
    • Determine and explain the key organizational elements used in the stock transfer business process

Special Business Processes – II

( Week 6 )

Profitability Analysis Configuration

  • Sub-Contracting
    • Gain an insight in to the procurement, goods movement, and goods recei
    • Subcontracting processes.
    • Learn how to flag a certain material for subcontracting.
    • Convert automatically created purchase requisitions into purchase orders.
    • Create a delivery document to send required component quantities to subcontractor.
    • Post the goods receipt for a subcontract order.
    • Enter subsequent adjustments resulting from excess consumption.
    • Enter an invoice receipt for a subcontract order.
    • Explain the possibility of subcontractor procurement using a schedulin agreement.
    • Explain which settings in SD and MM are necessary and possible for
    • Subcontracting processing
    • Implement the process of Subcontracting in an enterprise
    • Explain and review required master data for the Subcontracting process
    • Determine and explain the key organizational elements used in the Subcontracting business process

Additional SAP MM Training Tutorials ( Optional )

  1. SAP SD Enterprise structure 
  2. How to create Material Master in SAP ?
  3. What is “Creation Indicator” in Purchase Requisition ?
  4. Can you create a Purchase Order without a Plant ?

0 thoughts on “SAP MM Training

    • siva says:

      Hi Raju
      The price for SAP MM Training is $650 which includes access to the SAP Server and around 40 to 50 hours of classes online with our live SAP MM Trainer. Please register with us ( by clicking on the “register” linke above ) and one of our training co-ordinators will get back to you /call you to provide more details.


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  2. dunes says:

    Is this an online course or is it a face-to-face instructor led classroom training?

    If it is online, is it self-study or is it instructor led?


    • siva says:

      This is an Online, Instructor-led training course. It is NOT a self-study CBT kind of course. The instructor will be training you from his desktop live all the configuration, customization etc.


  3. Nagesh says:

    What are the current chances of getting a job (Change over for a 7+ years exp in industry +10 years in IT) towards SAP MM.


    • siva says:

      Pretty good. You just have to channel your resume along the lines of the requirements in general. A little bit of experience in SAP would help in the resume.


  4. Deepak Surwade says:


    I want training on Basics of SAP , Material Management (week1) and Procure to Pay Customization – I (week 2).

    could please mail me cost for these 2 weeks classes?



  5. Duke Thomas says:

    Q Hi Raju, I have done SAP SD and i now want to add MM, i have my own SAP server for configuration, please can you get
    me step by step configuration manual?
    Please let me know


  6. samir says:


    I am already in to SAP (BI Consultant), I wan to do MM in order to under stand the business (wherever i work; now or in future).

    Will this course gives that training?

    Also I have had word with my frnd, who is MM consultant he had give me some more topic other the you had mention above, which i have mention below.

    >> End to End Implementation (AS IS ,BBP,Cutover,Final Preparation)

    >>> ASAP Methodology

    Kindly let me know what would be the course fees in INR?



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