SAP MDM Training

SAP MDM Training ( Master Data Management )


SAP Master Data Management is all about managing and distributing the different master data used in SAP – Primarily Customer Master, Material Master, Vendor Master, Asset Master . When data needs to be distributed globally across different systems in the landscape, integrity and uniqueness becomes quite a challenge. And thats exactly what SAP MDM tries to resolve through its Netweaver technology platform.

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SAP MDM Overview

(Week 1 )

  • SAP MDM Overview
  • SAP MDM Introduction
  • SAP MDM Data Manager

Week 2

  • Data Modeling
  • Console
  • Import Manager
  • Qualified Tables
  • Hierarchies

Week 3

  • Advanced MDM Features
  • Import Manager Advanced
  • Taxonomy
  • Expressions
  • Matching Mode
  • Workflow
  • Relationships

Week 4

  • Outputs
  • Syndicator
  • MDM Automation
  • Multilingual Support

Week 5

  • Modeling in SAP MDM
  • Landscape
  • Security and Permissions
  • Directory Server Integration
  • Computing Center Management System
  • Performance

Week 6

  • Integration Scenarios within SAP NetWeaver
  • Portal Integration
  • Open Catalog Integration
  • XI Integration
  • ECC Communication
  • BI Integration

Week 7

  • IT & Business Scenarios
  • Master Data Harmonization
  • Rich Product Content
  • Management
  • Global Data Synchronization
  • Customer Data Integration

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