SAP GUI Presets

Please switch these presets on before you start navigating the SAP GUI. The version of the SAP GUI shown here is 7.2 . The options for SAP GUI Version 7.1 and 6.x vary. This applies to all SAP Training students.

For GUI Version 7.2

Step 1 : Go to Options

Step 2 :  Go to “Visualization & Interaction” under the “Interaction Design” section in the left and switch on the check boxes titled “Show keys..” and “sory by keys..”

For GUI Version 7.1

Step 1 : Go to Options button and click on “Options” in the SAP GUI System toolbar

Step 2 : Go to “Expert” tab by clicking on the little scratch pad like icon on the top right corner of the pop-up

Step 3 : Select both the checkboxes highlighted below.

-> Show Keys in all Dropdown lists

-> Sort Items by Key

Why are we doing this ?

Here is how an SAP Customer Master Creation will look like before/after checking these options.

On a Mac SAP GUI, the same thing would be done as follows

Step 1: Go to SAP GUI Preferences. Step 2 : Select “Additional Information” under the R/3 section and checkmark the items highlighted in yellow.

We also need to explicitly enable the Transaction codes to be visible in the SAP GUI. This is enabled using the following step.

Step 1 : Go to Extras -> Settings in the SAP Easy Access Menu

Step 2 : Make sure the Option “Display Technical Names” is checked on”

The effect of this on the SAP Menu path is shown below. 













7 thoughts on “SAP GUI Presets

  1. justin says:

    hi siva ,

    As you guided me to do the presets ,i dont have the option of “Visualization & Interaction” under the “Interaction Design” option .
    could you please guide me .



  2. Rawlings U. Okorie says:

    Hi Siva,

    I have spent more than 3hrs trying to preset the system as you requested but the when i click on the options,
    i neither see interaction design nor visualization and interaction. I rather see Quick info., messages, systems, etc.

    Please guide me on how to go about it in my system since i cant proceed on the exercises without the presets.



  3. Nasim says:

    I have found the way to the first one …

    Customize Local Layout> options> select tab Experts > check Show Keys in all drop down list …..
    that solves the problem…


  4. Edward Emmory says:

    I have completed exercise
    1. My log in is now Sort key enabled
    2. set the display technical names – can now see all the transaction codes when drill down on navigation window



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