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Navigating the SAP GUI

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Navigating the SAP GUI is pretty simple once you get to know the basics. Actually, there are lot fewer options that a typical user program like Microsoft Word and lot less complicated. Here is a quick video on the same. Notes are available below the video.

Application Tool Bar – The application toolbar contains tools ( set of icons, each performing a predefined action ) that are specific to the operation being performed. For example, if you are creating a sales order, the application tool bar will show tools that are relevant for creating a sales order.

Application Toolbar SAP GUI

Context Sensitive Menu – The drop down menu at the top of the window is context sensitive. Similar to the application toolbar, only menu items that are relevant for the transaction are displayed.

Context Sensitive Top Menu

The menu would change according to the application, for example if you are creating a sales order, the menu could change appropriately.

Context sensitive application menu

Status Bar – The bottom pane is called the Status bar. It displays Messages back to the user& shows system information.

Title Bar – The name of the actual application being performed ( For eg., a Purchase Order or creating a material master etc .) is displayed in this position.

Title Bar

Menu Tree – This is the hierarchical menu of transactions that either the users or the technical folks use to execute a transaction. The hierarchical structure is used to segregate transactions under a functional group ( By Business Function ) under one tree. For example, in the picture shown below, creating a G/L entry transaction is grouped logically by business function under [Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger -> Document Entry ]

SAP Hierarchical Menu Tree of Transactions

System Details : If the user wants to know the system details, he/she can goto [System -> Status ] in the menuon the top.

SAP System -> Status Information

You can get information on the user, the program of the transaction being performed, the system information of the server on which the SAP server is running ( For eg., the Operating System, hardware details ) , database and SAP Versions, different Service Packs installed, Industry Solution add ons etc.

SAP System Details

Navigating Back : While you move forward from one screen to another using application specific toolbars or other application functions , navigating back is as simple as clicking on the green button on the top.

Entering a Transaction Code : A transaction code is a shortcut to execute a transaction in SAP. You can in most cases execute the same transaction using the menu tree( as seen in the G/L transaction above ). A transaction code however is a language independent shortcut – Typically 3 to 10 characters – that is used to quickly go to a specific transaction.

Entering a Transaction code ( tcode ) in SAP

For Remote SAP Access or online SAP Access learn more by clicking on the links above.


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