SAP Functional Specification Documents

1. What are Functional Specifications ?

2. Standard SAP Functional Document Template

3. Scenario

3.1 Simple Scenario

Requirement : A new SAP OTC process needs to be put in place to take care of sample orders. The new process being put in place is “Sample Orders” or “Evaluation Orders”. These are orders that are not charged until the customer wishes to purchase them. As soon as the customer wishes to purchase the product that he received as a sample, we will bill the customer.

Discussion : Siva will play the role of business user and answer the questions posed by students.

Group 1 : Analyze and formalize the requirements

Group 2 : Propose the solution based on the requirements and get a sign-off on the solution from the user ( Siva ). Also develop the process flow diagram.

Group 3 : Document the configuration steps required based on the proposed solution

Group 4 : Write Test Plan

3.2 Complex Scenario

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