SAP FICO Tutorials

SAP FICO Tutorials

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SAP FICO Training


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0 thoughts on “SAP FICO Tutorials

  1. Ali says:


    I am looking for complete SAP SD and SAP MM courses not for end user but design exclusively for functional consultants towards SAP certification in SD & MM. Due you guys offer such course?

    Looking for quick response.


    M. Ali


  2. Nagesh says:

    Mr. Siva, I am from Tokyo, is there any possibilities to suit the class timings with JST.
    I read in one of your replys, the classes are normally at 8, 9 and 10 PM Newyork which will be 9 , 1o and 11 am here… anything which closes by 8 AM JST will be helpful for me or which starts at 8pm JST.. Sorry though is there any possibalities?
    guide me any other possibilities. (Interested in FICO and SCM(SD,MM))


  3. Rao says:

    Hey Shiva,
    I called 3 times and spoke to you. I sent e-mail and you said Fatima willget back to me. Nothing happened since 3 weeks and I am interested in SAP FICO training by Mr.Venkat.
    Getting hold of you guys seems pretty tough, atleast update if you are no longer interested in conducting trainings.


    • siva says:

      Sorry abt the delay. Fatima is no longer working with us and currently we are still working on her replacement.
      I understand this is not your concern.

      Also, Venkat is in Noida for 2 weeks and he said he will no longer be able to take the classes until the end of next week. So, if you want to start after next week, I can get you started.

      I will set up a webinar for SAP FICO and let you know. Sorry for not keeping you in the loop abt the situation. We are currently shoft-staffed.


      • Rao says:

        Thank You for the update.
        Yes, I am interested to take classes. Please keep me in the loop on further communication related to SAP FICO by Mr.Venkat.
        Thank You,


  4. Hikmat says:

    Hi Siva,

    I have 2+ years of SAP ABAP experience and am interested to move to SAP functional side with SAP SD.Do you think this will be benficial to my career?
    Please provide me the details how do I register my self with your training institute?


  5. Shyam says:

    Hi Siva,

    I have 2+ years of End User experience in SAP. I have worked with a top MNC company in Fixed assets and General Ledger team. And I have learned SAP FICO recently, now I am very much interested to get a job as a SAP consultant. Is there any possibility to get a SAP consultant job as fresher with having the end user experience? Please suggest me.



  6. Babul reddy says:

    HI All,

    Am Babul reddy working for an top mnc last 5 years for accounts receviables in Bangalore.Am planning to learn SAP FICO AND FSCM.Please help me with all details which is the best.


  7. says:

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