SAP CRM Business Partner Roles

Business Partner Roles define the responsibilities that the BP has in transactions. Roles have a far reaching implication in the “Classification System” that is used extensively during the ECC-CRM data transfer process.

Roles are defined in [ spro -> IMG -> Cross Application Components -> SAP Business Partner -> Business Partner -> Basic Settings -> Business Partner Role -> Define BP Roles ]

There are some SAP defined BP Roles that we are not supposed to change, but we can as well create copies of the same. Here are some examples of BP roles in an IDES system.

 There are not an awful lot of controls behind BP Roles. Double click a role to view the controls behind it. As usual you can copy an existing role to define your own role.

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The ones that are highlighted in red are the important controls.

1. Title : You can change the title of the BP Role to reflect the description in the BP in the transaction BP.

2. Hide : If you want to hide a BP role from being displayed in the BP transaction, check-on the hide checkbox.

3. BP Role Category : A BP Role category can be associated with any number of BP Roles with one Role being defined as the standard role against the Role Category ( The check box “Std. Assignment BP Role -> BP Role Category”  defines this ) . The controls behind BP Role Categories can be seen right on the same screen by clicking on the BP Role Categories hierarchy on the left.

Select the right BP role category and double click it to view the controls. As you can see from the controls below, the BP role category defines the BP Categories that can be associated with a particular BP Role Category (and subsequently the BP Role) and the differentiation type.

4. BP View : Each role is technically associated with a BP View.A strong understanding of BDT is required to understand views technically and requires extensive help from your CRM Web UI or ABAP consultant. The transaction code to generate views is [ BUSD ]. The area menu for full BDT customization is [ BUPT ] and requires the expertise of module pool programming and BDT knowledge which is beyond the scope of this post.



Business Scenario : Assuming that your business requires a Guarantor for the payer for transactions exceeding half a million, you have been asked to create a new BP role called “Payer Guarantor”.

1. Create a new BP Role called “Payer Guarantor” ( As a copy of Payer ). Which standard BP role would you choose to copy from ?

2. Create a new BP or modify an existing BP and try to add the newly created role “Payer Guarantor” to the BP .

Specify the new BP Role you have created and the BP that you have extended with this newly created BP Role.


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