SAP CRM Business Partner Relationship Categories

If you go to the relationship tab in the SAP CRM Business Partner ( BP ), you will find that there are one or more tabs with different partners associated via different relationships with the main BP. The closest you can compare to the Customer master in SAP SD is Partner Functions – but this is different. For more, please visit our SAP CRM Training page.

Example, a BP can have the following relationships.

BP – 415165
1. has End Customer – Friedrich Newbauer ( 531 )
2. has Contact Person – Cheryl Anderson ( 408787 )

Each of the tabs ( Has End Customer , Has Contact Person ) are called Relationship Categories. These are freely configurable.

To create a new Relationship, select the right relationship category ( For example, if you want to create a new Contact Person, select “Has Contact Person” ) and click on the “Relationship to BP” field and select the right Contact Person and click on the Create button.

If additional details were requested, fill them up and your new contact person should be created.


Configuration  :

The menu path for configuring already created BP Relationship Configuration is at [ spro-> IMG -> Cross Application Components -> SAP Business Partner -> BP Relationships ]

Go to “Properties of BP Relationship Categories”  to see the different relationship categories, select the Relationship Category BUR001 – Contact Person Relationship for example and double click on it.

In the details section, you can see that you can do the following.

1. Click on the “Hide” checkmark to hide it from the standard dropdown in the Relationship Categories section of the BP Relationship view.

2. You can change the Title that shows up in the “Tab”

3. You can also change the position in which the tabs are displayed in the BP Relationship view.


How to Create new BP Relationship Categories in SAP ?

This part is a little tricky and can be left out if desired. This is actually an SAP Easy Access Transaction – [ BUPT ] – Once you are in, go to “Relationship Categories” or [ BUBA ]

Here you can select the right relationship category that you want to copy from and create your own. Try and avoid creating BP Relationship categories from scratch in your SAP CRM Training. It’s an overkill.

I created a copy of my own ( by copying from the standard BUR001 Contact Person relationship category ) and named it ZBUR09 to represent the “Credit Representative” relationship. We will go through some important fields here.

Descriptions : The descriptions that should appear in the BP’s relationship view should be specified here. We already discussed in the class what the views represent.

Cardinality : The BP Relationship’s cardinality ( How many Credit Reps per Account for example ) can be configured in the semantics section. You can leave it blank if you do not want to impose any constraints.

BP Relationship Possibilities : In this case you define who the first partner can be and who the second partner should be. For example in case of “Has Contact Person” relationship, the rule here says – Only a BP of BP Category “Person” can be associated as a Contact Person to the first BP. The same can be extended to Credit Representative.

Results : As you can see from the picture now, the BP relationship category “Has Credit Representative” is showing up in the BP Relationship view.

We have specified in the BP Categories section of the BP Relationship categories config that the Partner 2 only needs to be a BP category of person. So, if you try to add any other BP category, you will get an error.


Exercises :

Define a new Relationship Category – “Credit Controller” as follows.

1. The Credit Controller is always a “Person”

2. There is NO reverse for it. ( Like, NO  “credit controlled by” relationship)

3. Let the title of this relationship category tab say “Credit Controller”


5 thoughts on “SAP CRM Business Partner Relationship Categories

  1. Mady says:

    Great blog, understood the relatioship category very well.
    I am nt sure whether u can help me, bt we are working on SAP CRM 7.1 and in web ui, i am nt able to see any assignments in relatiosnhips tab for Contacts.
    when i see the in GUI, i can see in contacts, as ‘is the Contact for’ assignments.

    ur help will be really appreciated.


  2. Bijorn says:


    I had a query regarding the existence of a separate BP system. Why is it that we need two BP systems separately. One called SAP BP another for CRM BP. Is there any reason for existence for a separate CRM BP system? Why cant we use the FS-BP system directly? What is the logic behind it. Are there any references available on the Web for this?


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