SAP ABAP Training

SAP ABAP Training by Naresh    SAP ABAP Training by Niveditha

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  1. One Month of ABAP functional support (After training, During the practice).
  2. Mock Interviews.
  3. Interview Tips.
  4. Resume Marketing
  5. Sample SAP ABAP Resumes.

Basics of SAP & ABAP

(Week 1 )

  • Basic SAP GUI Navigation
  • Short introduction to SAP NetWeaver
  • Navigating in SAP systems
    • Logon and structure of the user interface
    • Accessing functions in the system
    • Personalization options
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server architecture
    • Processing a user query
    • Structure of an instance
    • Work process types, server processes and their use
    • Internet-based technology components:
  • Overview of the SAP development environment
    • Creating and editing Repository objects
    • Transports between SAP systems
  • Communication and integration technologies
  • Introduction to SAP system administration

ABAP Workbench Fundamentals & ABAP Dictionary

( Week 2 )

  • ABAP Workbench

    • Create ABAP programs and the most important Repository objects using appropriate ABAP Workbench tools
    • Navigate in the Workbench and use the syntax help
    • Process source text with the ABAP Editor
    • Test programs using the Debugger
    • Project-oriented development using the Transport Organizer
    • Overview of important ABAP statements
    • Define elementary and structured data objects
    • Working with internal tables
    • Use function groups and function modules
    • Use of classes, methods and BAPIs
    • Database dialogs: information about database tables in the ABAP Dictionary, read database tables
    • User dialogs: list, selection screen, screens. ABAP Web Dynpro (from SAP NetWeaver 7.0)
    • Overview of the different options for adapting software
  • ABAP Dictionary
    • Terms and functions of the ABAP Dictionary
    • Type definitions in the ABAP Dictionary
    • Tables incl. includes and appends
    • Performance aspects when accessing tables:
      • Buffering
      • Indexes
    • Relationships between tables:
      • Define and manage foreign keys
      • Text tables
    • Dependencies between objects in the ABAP Dictionary
    • Views and append views
    • Search help and append search help

ABAP Reports & Screens Development

( Week 3

    • ABAP Reports
      • Data retrieval:
        • Selection screens
        • Logical databases
        • Open SQL
      • Programming with the SAP list viewer (ALV):
        • Using the ALV for displaying tables
        • Starting ALV basic functions from the application
        • Adjusting the layout
        • Using display variants
        • Processing user actions
    • Screen Development
      • Principles and ergonomics of user dialogs
      • User interface and Menu Painter
      • Screen objects: attributes, implementation, and processing
        • Screen Painter
        • Text fields, frames, status icons, input/output fields, dropdown list boxes, pushbuttons, checkboxes, radio button groups, subscreens, tabstrips, table controls
      • Context menus

Enhancements & Modifications

(Week 4 )

    • Overview of the options for making customer-specific adjustments to the SAP sta
    • Personalization (transaction variants)
    • Enhancements to:
      • Elements of the ABAP Dictionary
      • SAP programs
      • SAP screen menus
      • SAP screens
    • Enhancement techniques:
      • Enhancements to elements of the Dictionary
      • Customer Exits
      • Business Transaction Events (BTEs)
      • Business Add Ins (BAdIs)
      • User Exits
    • Modifications:
      • Procedure
      • Utilities (Modification Assistant, Modification Browser)
      • Modification adjustment

BAPI Development

( Week 5 )

Business Application Programming Interface

    • BAPI fundamentals
    • Finding and using SAP supplied BAPIs
    • Creating customer specific BAPIs
    • BAPIs and RFCs
    • Enhancements and modifications of SAP supplied BAPIs
    • BAPIs and ALE


Performance Tuning & Advanced ABAP

( Week 6 )

  • ABAP Performance Tuning
    • Individual object analysis: transaction step analysis, SQL performance analysis, ABAP runtime analysis, ABAP Debugger, optimizing database accesses
    • Unsuitable access path: introduction to database indexes; create, change and delete database indexes; DB views or ABAP joins and database indexes; Open SQL statements and database indexes
    • Suitable access paths: accessing individual tables, accessing multiple tables, accessing pool and cluster tables, SAP table buffering
    • Optimized use of internal tables: design and definition of internal tables, efficient structure, efficient access, applications
    • SAP system analysis – overview
    • SAP workload analysis (transaction profiles)
  • Advanced ABAP
    • ABAP runtime environment
    • Program calls and memory management
    • Shared Objects
    • ABAP types and data objects in detail
    • Unicode
    • Work with internal tables in detail
    • Work with field symbols and data references
    • Dynamic programming
    • Runtime type information, runtime type creation
    • Complex Open SQL statements
    • Analysis tools for programs
    • Recommendations and conventions
    • Performance rules

0 thoughts on “SAP ABAP Training

  1. Kalyani N says:

    I would like to join online/class room training course for ABAP. I live in Beaverton, OR. Could you please let me know the details on course fee and the duration of the course?

    Thank you,


    • siva says:

      You can take our Online Training for ABAP. It is a Live instructor led course with interactive screen sharing and voice done either over webex or teamviewer. The price for this training program is $650 which includes access to a Live Training SAP ECC Server to practice your programs that have been taught in the class. Please call us at 503-336-1755 to know more about the trianing program or click on the register button on the top.


      • Hri says:

        Hey hi i have been working on PHP-Mysql since 4 months…and got a good grip over it and am getting a chance to learn sap-technical…do i need to learn more languages like java and all to get a start for sap????am a beginner for SAP-Technical…awaiting reply


  2. dunes says:

    What are the preferred prerequisite knowledge areas for someone who wants to develop a career in ABAP. Will a person without programing know-how be able to follow-up with the training courses?


  3. Shaun says:

    I dont have any formal IT training and i want to study sap i reaching for the stars?if not can you tell me how much it costs and more details on the course.i am from south africa,by the way.also is there any acreditation?


    • siva says:

      I wouldn’t say reaching for the stars is the right word. It will mostly be an aptitude clash. Let me put it in a different way

      1. Would you be interested in writing code ?
      2. Have you ever written code ?
      3. Would you love low level debugging ?
      4. Would you love to sit all night and debug issues related to some IF loop somewhere in the code ?

      If you answered NO to most of the questions above, then ABAP might not be a suitable module for you.

      If you are interested, the price for the same is $650. We are not an accredited institute. We are not authorized by SAP to sell training programs.

      We just have 1 mission – To deliver top quality SAP Training at AFFORDABLE rates to anyone in the world. Thats what we do.


  4. Sanjay says:

    Hi Siva,
    I am interested for the ABAP Training but i would want the basics of C++ FOR KNOWLEDGE OF UNDERSTANDING BASIC Programming, Please let me know if it would be taken care of.
    I reside in Melbourne ( Australia ), I would only want the class to be held on Saturday and Sunday.
    Please let me the schedule for the same.


    • siva says:

      We do not have C++ training with us. Also, I am just wondering why you require C++ for learning ABAP ? C++ is an object oriented language and although ABAP is an Object oriented training, only part of it is. The rest of it is mostly structured.
      I guess Saturday and Sunday can be taken care of , but as discussed, we do not have C++ Training. Please let me know your thoughts.


  5. Majed says:

    Actually, i’m a programmer , and i studied some programming langueges.
    i want to ask about the required knowledge before i starting get the ABAP Course ??
    if i regsiter now , when can i start the course ??
    about the classes , can i organize a sutible plan for me ? i mean the days & times of the classes ,,
    Is there a preparation for the certification’s exams ???



    • siva says:

      You can start the course as early as a couple of days. I am talking about a Customized course suited to your timings. We try our best to accomodate your timings, but nevertheless, cannot guarantee – All our trainers are working professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience and they have their own project prerogatives. However, if we commit to a set of dates and times we honor it.
      Can we discuss this over the phone ? Please send your phone number to and one of our training co-ordinators will call you.


  6. vipul says:

    I am developer having 6 years experience and live in toronto. now I would like to join fast track online training for ABAP. for experience and job market exposure – Are you also provide me a full life cycle project implementaion training? how long ecc access are you provide me?


    • siva says:

      We do provide full fledged SAP ABAP Training which includes 40 hrs of training, training material, learning exercises and a live project at the end of the course. SAP Access will be provided for the full duraion of the course 24 x 7 . Which would be roughly around 2 months.


  7. rajesh says:

    i completed my graduation B.Sc(Maths,physics,electronics) in 2005.
    i want to settle is sap.
    i want to learn ABAP.


  8. jagan says:


    I am a Java developer interested in moving to SAP,available only on weekends..please let me know the details. please do reply to my mail id.

    I reside in US.



  9. Nisar Ahmed says:

    been looking for details on how to start with ABAP & came across your website/forum, i have a PHP Development experiance. plz guide me how’d u suggest me to begin? adding to it, i’ve been confused alot to do either C++ or Java as a prerequisite to start with ABAP… guid me through, what to do? how to pay & when can i contact to discuss in details?


    • siva says:

      Hi Nisar
      ABAP does not have any per-requisite to learn. So, you don’t need to learn another programming language. I fyou know PHP, that is more than enough – with php knowledge, I am sure you must have learnt SQL as well. If not, please learn basic SQL and it will be very useful to learn ABAP.

      Currently, we do not have SAP ABAP Training. Apologize for that.


      • Nisar Ahmed says:

        Yes i have worked on MySQL, how querries work.

        its alright if you dont work on APAB any more, i am from Pakistan & i guess i will be able to do it with Siemens, thanks any ways.. your reply was a great support 🙂


  10. sudheer says:

    I am an sap sd consultant. I have no programming knowledge. I would like to learn ABAP . Is it possible or do i need to learn any basic languages? Kindly let me know. I live in india. Pls tell me the costs also.


  11. Easin Muttaqi says:

    I want to re-fresh my ABAP, Workflow, Adobe Forms, ABAP-OO, Dynpro Knowledge. I will need some assistance (clarifications) sometime. Please let me what terms I can get your help and use the system.
    Please e-mail me.
    Thanks. Easin Muttaqi


  12. deepak chakravarthy says:

    hi i m pursing final year MCA ,i decided to study sap abap at ur institute ,i want to know the course duration,timings,fee.will u provide a certificate for the sap abap at the completion..can i get ur contact number.
    will u offer placement for the candidates


  13. ayemilade says:

    hi ,I would like to join online/class room training course for presently .net developer but would love to move to abap,i leave in lagos nigeria Could you please let me know the details on course fee and the duration of the course?its urgent pls

    Thank you,


  14. Suma says:


    I want to start up my carrier with ABAP.. Am from Electrical Engineering… i dont have any knowledge on java.. have liitle bit knowledge on ‘C’.. is it good to learn ABAP…?


    • sreenivas says:

      we are providing real time training for sap abap, fico sd,mm,hcm.
      we are providing weekends classes, regular classes also online training available.
      contact 9849512515.


  15. Rup says:

    Hi Magna,
    I am currently working as a lotus notes developer , I am interested in SAP CRM, is it beforehand I need to start SAP ABAP and gain couple of yrs of experience or straight away I could start CRM course.



  16. sagar says:

    i have intrest to learn SAP-ABAP module but i don’t know any good institute for this module please send me information about good intitute in banglor and pune….plz send me mail to give my answer


  17. vaishali says:


    I m tester, i want to move to SAP testing, could u please tell me what are the prerequisite for that.
    do i need to do SAP ABAP or????????


  18. yashwanth reddy says:

    hi all can any one suggest any good online tutor to teach sap abap
    i worked in .net but i want to switch to abap
    can any one help me with this
    thanks in advance


  19. Eswar says:

    Hi friends

    if anyone of you interested in SAP ABAP online training . please let me know. i am working in the CMM level 5 company . i can explain you with real time issues.
    kinldy contact me by sending mail to email id:


    • nagaraja says:

      hi eswar,
      i want to learn sap abap. i didnot know basics im new to selecting sap field. im completed my b.tch cse in 2011.
      is thre any scope for two years of experience. if so can you plz mail me the details including duration and fee structure..



  20. Bapi says:

    hi, i am looking for a course in ABAP,as well as real time project, and job assist, i searched so many places in benglore but most of the consultancy are fake, can any one suggest me where to do the course, you can mail me, or can call me @9590220648


  21. Pushker Tandon says:

    I have 24 Experience ( 14 Yr Application development+implementation, 10 yr IT HOD in an Industry, I want it to enhance the knowledge to lead the Team, Please confirm me the details as earliest

    Presently I am at noida


  22. sasi says:

    hi all,

    i dont have any programming background, but i want to take the sap crm abap training

    is it can be possible and how many days it will take


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