Our tutors

Our tutors










All our trainers are certified in their respective industry practice. We verify their certificate with SAP AG to ensure that we are in fact dealing   with a certified consultant. Certification gives us the confidence that we are giving you the official best that is available out there in the market.

We follow a meticulous screening process for all our SAP Training to select our tutors. This has been one of our toughest processes in our practice ever since and we have not made any compromise on the quality of our instructors , although time is always a problem. Sieving for the right candidate from the hundreds & thousands of available consultants is one of our daily exercise and practically only 1 in a hundred fit the bill. After a background check, the prospective candidates give a demo to us and only if he passes our standards will they be authorized to go in front of the students.

Industry Veterans
We have seen many consultants claiming to be industry veterans but when it came to teaching a demo class we could easily make out that they were fraudsters just by the examples they gave. Most our SAP tutors have been selected based on acquaintences or who have worked with us previously or referrals from our consultants who have worked with us on the various assignments.

Subject Matter Expert
Being a Subject Matter Expert ( SME ) is no joke. It is obtained through proper education, tons of industry experience , extensively interacting with the peers and solving problems in the domain that are globally challenging. It is not something that can be tested in an hour. Through our extensive consulting experience , we have amassed a network of professionals who are deemed to be experts in their respective domains. This expertise naturally filters down into SAP training as can be experienced by the way they teach.

Focussed and Goal Oriented
Training involves much more than being qualified for the job. Setting goals and prioritizing them over the course of the training is something that is gained only through teaching experience. The curriculum is sent well in advance along with the timeframe for each topic. Our tutors focus on the curriculum thus ensuring a feeling a completeness and satisfaction to the students at the end of the course. The students feel satisfied and confident at the end of the course knowing fully well that they mastered everything that is needed to qualify in the subject of their choice. Our SAP training courses typically last 45 days with 2 hours of online SAP training each day.

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