Number range for trans./event type WE in year 2015 does not exist

This error comes up when you try to post a goods movement, but the corresponding physical inventory documents do not have number ranges for the fiscal year. As SD or MM consultants, You typically encounter this while doing a PGI of outbound deliveries (VL02N – Goods Issue against a delivery document) or posting inbound receipts against a PO (MIRO – Goods Receipt against a Purchase Order ).

Here is an example of an error.

What is this error ?

This error crops up when number ranges does not exist for the corresponding document type / fiscal year combination.

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How to fix it ?

Simple – Create number range for the combination.

Step 1 – Go to OMBT and click on the “Groups” icon.

Step 2 – Select the correct checkbox – For example, our error was related to the goods receipt material documents, of type “WE” . So select the checkbox as shown below and click on the pencil icon.

Step 3 – As you can see, number range does not exist for fiscal year 2015.

Let’s create one – Select ‘Insert Year’

And make an entry for FY 2015 and click on the “plus” button.

Now you have made a number range entry for 2015 for document type WE.

Save it. You get the message saying number ranges are not transportable – That’s fine – Just hit OK.

That it. That should solve your problem.