No Schedule Lines Due for Delivery upto Selected Date

Problem : This is one of the most common errors that newbies to SAP SD face when trying to create a delivery from a sales order. This page will be useful to all of our SAP Training students who are getting SAP SD Training from us.

No Schedule Lines due for Delivery upto the selected Date

Solution : This problem could have 3 root causes. The first Reason is more straight forward and simple to solve – We will discuss all the reasons here and the solutions to each of these.

Reason 1 : This problem occurs when you are trying to create a delivery that the system is NOT ready to create yet. Here is an example. You just created an SAP Sales Order for M-01 for a quantity of 10. To understand this at a much greater level of detail, you would have to first understand what is SAP Delivery Scheduling. But let’s discuss how to just resolve it here.

Since the delivery is not expected by SAP at this point in time , change the date to a future date. How far into the future ? As far as SAP expects or any date beyond it.

In order to find out that date, go to the SAP Sales Order’s “Shipping” tab and check out the Delivery date – In this case its 15.07.2011

However, when you try to do the delivery and get the error message “No Schedule Lines due…”, click on the back button,

and future date the delivery. In this case change it from 06.07 to 15.07 and hit enter.

You should now be able to create the delivery as usual.

Reason 2 : This is a more serious problem and cannot be solved without either config changes or master data changes. Let me take this example that one of the students has provided.

Everything looks pretty innocent until this point. Now check out the Schedule lines associated with this line item.

As you can see, the confirmed qty is Zero. That means, the system is not able to confirm the quantity either via procurement or via production. An alternative way to check it is via the Shipping Tab of the header where you should see the respective dates.

From the picture above, you can see that none of the dates were being calculcated by SAP as part of the standard SAP delivery Scheduling Process. In order to understand the root cause for this, the first point to dig down to is the MRP type of the material ( which in turn causes the SAP Schedule Line category to be determined ). In order to do this, first check out the plant that this order has been created in ( you can find it out at the line item level ) and go to MM02 or MM03 to see what the MRP type is.

As you can see the MRP type is based on re-order point and the re-order point is 100. Now at that point, ideally MRP should be run which will ensure that the respective planned orders or purchase requisitions would be been created. Since this is a test system this did not happen and that’s the reason why the schedule lines could not show any confirmed qty at any date in the future.

Since this is MM/PP related stuff, it is better for SAP SD Training students to work with materials that have standard MRP types like PD. This post is also useful for SAP CRM Training students because – although SAP CRM does not deal with logistics the CRM consultants still have to understand why deliveries could NOT be performed.

Reason 3 : This could also occur because the Plant is not defined in the plant. Example, an order created for a new material shown below, does not have the Plant Determination –

Check here for the logic on SAP Plant Determination . Now , because of this reason – the system could not determine the stock and hence the schedule of dates and hence could not confirm schedule lines. And as discussed in the class you know the importance of schedule lines and the confirmation required there in order to be able to create a delivery. There are multiple ways to fix this problem as determined in SAP Plant Determination  and the easiest way to do it is to set the plant up for the material master for the respective Sales Org views

Reason 4 : This is very similar to Reason 3 – Just a different set of changes at the material master level. As usual, stock is there in MMBE as shown below. But still the order is being not confirmed at the schedule line level. Again, check out if MRP type or Availability Checking parameters ( Checking Group ) has been changed in the material master. I went to the change log and found out that the material has been changed for these parameters. When I went inside I found out that the MRP type, reorder point and checking group of the material has been changed. I tried changing the plant from 1000 to 1200 and it was able to confirm the schedule lines, but when I changed it back from 1200 to 1000, it gave me a message saying ” No Control Data Maintained for Checking Group 04 and checking group A”I immediately went to the Availability check controls [ spro -> IMG -> Sales & distribution -> Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements -> Availability Check -> Availability Check with ATP Logic -> Carry out Availability Check ]

I found out that for the combination ( Checking Group 04 and Checking rule A), there is no config available. I did the configuration by copying from 01/A combination and VOILA !! the sales order for M-02 was created with confirmed schedule lines. Check out Order # 25182

9 thoughts on “No Schedule Lines Due for Delivery upto Selected Date

  1. Pat says:

    Hi Siva,

    Can you confirm that when changing the delivery date, we will not be able to perform a PGI until after that delivery date?


    • siva says:

      PGI is NOT based on delivery date. If you have Goods, you can do the delivery. If you do NOT have goods available, you cannot do PGI irrespective of Dates. The only exception to this is negative stock ( which is enabled by MM consultants at the material master level whereby you can even do PGI without the goods actually being present. It’s not a recommended practice however )

      Creation of the delivery is what you can play with , with respect to dates.


  2. Mallikarjun says:


    I tried all the 3 reasons for able to create deliveries. I have chnaged the delivery date in delivery

    2. have set mrp type as pd in material master

    3. i maintained plant 1000 in material master, customer material info record but still having the same problem while creating delivery. can u help me out with this problelm.

    getting this error: order is incomplete , maintain the order


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