My customer requires to consolidate multiple deliveries. Can he do it ?

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1. How should this scenario be configured

4 thoughts on “My customer requires to consolidate multiple deliveries. Can he do it ?

  1. RaimondasV says:

    The complete delivery and delivery group functions enable you to combine some or all of the items in a sales order so that they are delivered to the customer together for the same date. The system automatically determines the earliest delivery date possible for the group of items In extreme cases, all the items in a document) and adjusts the schedule lines accordingly. Relevant requirements records are automatically changed or re-generated.

    Complete Deliveries

    To combine all items in a sales document for delivery, you can set the complete delivery indicator. The indicator can be proposed automatically from the customer master record or you can set it manually in the sales document.

    Creating a Delivery Group

    To create a delivery group in a sales document, proceed as follows:

    1. Choose the Shipping tab page from the overview screen.
    2. For each of the items that you want to combine into a delivery group, enter the same number in the Delivery group field.

    For example, if you want to combine three items into a delivery group, you enter 1 in the Delivery group field for each item. You can create additional delivery groups by using different numbers.
    3. Choose Enter or
    Save to save your data.

    The delivery groups are created. The system creates the schedule line date for each delivery group and copies it to the sales document.


    A delivery group consists of at least one item in a sales document and can, in the case of complete delivery, consist of all items.



  2. zaheer says:

    In the sales area data/shipping tab of customer master we can combine multiple orders for deliveries if we click order combination check box

    Siva please correct me if I am wrong


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