Material is not defined for Sales Org, distribution channel , language DE

Problem : When trying to create orders for the materials you have created, sometimes you get the following error

Material is not defined for Sales Org, distribution channel, language DE.

Solution : The solution to this problem lies in the fact that the material should also be defined in the language of the Sales Org. Go to the material master in change mode and click on “Additional Data”

And maintain the material in the language “DE” in case of sales org 1000/10/00

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4 thoughts on “Material is not defined for Sales Org, distribution channel , language DE

  1. vivienna says:


    I have define the language “DE” in my material master “VIV-30” but i still encounter the same message in Order screen. if i go to the material master>organizational levels, i set 1000, i will hit error msg “the data you require does not exist for material” how do i resolve this issue ?


    • magnatrain says:

      I referred to this post assuming the following views were set up correctly. I did check the material VIV-30 and it has not been created properly. Here is a brief from our discussion in the material master class. In order for a material to be used in a sales order ( apart from other things like stock input etc ), atleast it needs to be have the following views
      1. Basic Data 1
      2. Sales View1/Sales View 2 ( For specifying the Tax Classification, Item Category Group )
      3. Sales/General Plant view ( For Transportation Group and loading Group )
      4. Accounting View ( For Valuation Class and Standard cost )

      Please ensure that the material is created AT LEAST with these views. On top of that please ensure that the material has stock for it. If you have set the material correctly, you can use MB1C to input stock into the system.


  2. samrat chakrabarty says:

    For this particular error you need to go to sales and distribution—master data—common distribution channels—common divisions asssignments. Maintain it then you will not receive any such error.


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