How to fix – ‘No Pricing Procedure could be determined’ error in Sales Order ?

Problem : Some times because of indiscriminate changes to master data or transactional data, pricing would not be determined in sales transactions.  You get the error message ‘No Pricing Procedure could be Determined ”

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This problem occurs to both students of SAP SD Training as well as SAP CRM Training

Solution : This problem occurs because of unscrupulous changes to the parameters determining the pricing. SAP Pricing is determined based on the following parameters.

Sales Org + Distribution Channel  + Division + Doc. Pricing Procedure + Cust. Pricing Procedure

This post is relevant for folks who have not done their pricing class yet. Your first job would be to find out the 5 parameters described above. The sales area is easy to determine. After doing that, proceed to find out the Document Pricing Procedure and Customer Pricing Procedure associated with the Sales Transaction. For example, in the case described in the screenshot, we are trying to use the customer 1000 and sales order type OR.

Step 1 : Find the Document Pricing Procedure

Go to [ VOV8 ] or [ spro -> IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents -> Sales Document Header -> Define Sales Document Type ]   and select the order type in question, in this case ‘OR’. Double-click the highlighted order type.Note down the document pricing procedure in the ‘Transaction Flow‘ section of the Sales Doc Type configuration.

Similarly, find out the Customer Pricing Procedure by going to [ VD03 ] and selecting the Sales Tab in the  ‘Sales View’ of the Customer MasterSo as of now we have

Sales Area = 1000/10/00

Document Pricing Procedure = ‘A’

Customer Pricing procedure = ‘(‘

Now, we have to go to the SAP Pricing Procedure Determination and see if a pricing procedure exists for the combination. For that, go to tcode [ OVKK ] and check if entries exist for the combination. ( Hint: Use the Position button to select the fields ) . If no entries exist for the combination, click on “New Entries” and create a new entry and give a pricing procedure say RVAA01.

7 thoughts on “How to fix – ‘No Pricing Procedure could be determined’ error in Sales Order ?

  1. Bhaskar says:

    Siva, Thanks for publishing steps but this didn’t help me to figure out why materials are getting Zero Price. Can you please look the order # 25295 ? currently it’s displaying net zero dollars. Any help is appreciated.


    • siva says:

      This problem is much more specific to pricing and would require an understanding of “Condition Types” and “Condition Records” . Specifically, this is happening because prices have not been maintained for this combination. These orders cannot be saved now, but if you create a new order, I can create prices for them.


      • Bhaskar says:

        Here are more test orders,25296,25297 and 25298.BTW, i was maintained condition type PR00 for access sequence 10( Customer/Material). Not sure what else i was missed. Thanks.


      • siva says:

        For order # 25296 I see the same problem again – Pricing Procedure could not be found. Looks like somebody changed the procedure determination again. Anyway, after maintaining the pricing condition record, then create the order. It should work. If not, please give me the order # . But, please make sure that you have maintained the condition record before creating the order.


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