How to add Serial Numbers in SAP Delivery ?

Problem : Sometimes materials are enabled with serial numbers. This makes entering serial numbers mandatory during the delivery or order depending on how the Serial Number profile is configured. Please ask your SAP Training instructor if you have any questions on this.

Solution : Before going, let’s see where serial number profile is attached to the material master. Serial Number Management is controlled by a serial number profile. It requires its own configuration and the serial number profile thus configured will be assigned to the material master in the Sales General/Plant data as shown below.

When performing the delivery, if you do NOT enter the serial numbers for the items in the delivery that requires serial numbers, it will throw up the following error. To enter the serial numbers, select the line item and click on Extras-> Serial Numbers as shown below. If you know the serial numbers, you can enter them. If not, click on “create Serial Numbers Automatically” and serial numbers will be filled up ( based on the serial number configuration profile ) and you will be able to do the PGI.


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