General SAP Tutorials

General SAP Tutorials

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What is SAP


This article gives you a very gentle introduction to the world of SAP. It walks you through the origins of SAP through its present times along with its different components at a high level.


SAP Job Market


Jobs in SAP are a little tight these days much like any other job market. Learn what it takes to maneuver the SAP job market and successfully get a job.


SAP Interview Tips & Tricks


This article gives a round-up of the basic interview tips for beginners and experienced alike who are about to attend interviews.


SAP ASAP Methodology


ASAP Methodology is the de-facto SAP implementation framework defined by SAP. This article explores it in detail and the various tools associated with it.

SAP GUI Navigation


This video talks about the basics of navigating the SAP GUI. It also talks about the various options involved in the SAP GUI that changes the user experience.




Most new comers to SAP might not be aware of SAP’s help system for reporting product bugs and looking through SAP’s knowledge database. In order to do that you will need a login with SAP’s service support portal. This brief video talks about the uses of SAP SID.


How to install SAP GUI on Mac


Installing SAP GUI on Mac can be a little tricky, especially entering the server details, system number , system id etc. This is a small tutorial on how to do this for a very simple set up.

How to Install SAP GUI on Windows


This quick video gives you a quick demo on how to install SAP GUI on windows.

How to add SAP Server Information to Log in to on the SAP GUI on Windows


This quick video gives you a quick demo on how to install SAP GUI on windows.


For Remote SAP Access or online SAP Access learn more by clicking on the links above.You can view more SAP Training related items on the Magna Training Blog also.


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