SAP Training and SAP Access FAQ

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Here you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Can I choose online training vs classroom training ?

–> Yes. You can choose between online and classroom training. Online classes have a faster start date typically though.

2. Do you provide access to the systems to practice ?

–> Yes. Currently we provide access to our SAP systems only to our SAP training customers. We do not provide ad-hoc SAP Access.

3. ARe there any sample classes that I can attend and evaluate ?

–> Yes. We have our FREE SAP training program that offers an initial 2-hour class available to everybody. All you need to do is to just register with us for the course. If you like the tutor and curriculum and would like the further continue you can pay for the class.

4. Do you offer any placement assistance ?

–> Yes. Although we do not offer a placement guarantee we have an extensive placement program not limited to the following

– Resume Preperation

– Resume Marketing

– Client Referral Programs

5. I am an experienced consultant who can teach. How do I contact you ?

–> Please visit our Become a Tutor page and either call us or leave us a message and we will get back to you.

6. I am an absolute novice in SAP Training. Where do I start ?

–> Learn about the Basics of SAP here. (OR ) Call us and one of our personal counsellors will get in touch with you to educate you about the different options available to you.

7. I am experienced in a particular module. Do I need to take another course ?

–> The answer to that depends very much on where you stand and which direction you want to take. Call our personal counsellor for a detailed discussion on career paths – Whats HOT and whats NOT for FREE.

8. What is the difference between SAP Web GUI and SAP Standalone GUI ?

–> Most legacy SAP transactions ( Core Modules ) can be accessed either via the standalone GUI or the Web GUI. You would have to install a client component to use the SAP Standalone GUI. SAP WebGUI is accessing SAP through the Browser alone.

9. I am not able to catch-up with the rest of the crowd. What do I do ?

–> WE understand that sometimes it can be hard to follow training classes especially if you do not have previous IT experience or if you come from a totally different background. Please follow our SAP primer to learn more about the basics. We can also arrange for extra classes with the tutor if there are any specifics that you would like to cover .

10. Can I extend my SAP Access / Remote Access to SAP from you ?

–> Yes. You can very well extend access to our SAP Servers.


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