Internet Back-up in Case of Power & Internet Outages

There has been several Internet and Power outages in the recent past in India ( even in major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune ). This has resulted in SAP Training Classes being cancelled by trainers working out of their homes.

Infrastructural issues are not uncommon in Indian cities, but this severely affects the students and their perspective of Magna Training. Here are some solutions that have really worked out well with some trainers and might as well work with you.

1. Get a subsidized Value Pack on Mobile Phones for emergencies.

There are some Value Packs in Uninor, Tata Docomo that offer 1 paise/second. This is as good as a local call. This option has really worked out very well for VOIP if you are using webex. The voice quality is excellent. Here are some examples. They are available in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and some other states.








2. Get an emergency Wireless Broadband Connection ( Reliance or Tata Photon ).

A new Reliance Connection or a Tata Photon Connection costs nothing more than 1500 Rs. to set-up and you can get pre-paid top-ups as low as Rs.300 a month which will give you enough bandwidth for 1 full month’s of classes on webex.

The above two options are highly reliable ( They work irrespective of Power Cuts or Internet Outages – When was the last time a Mobile Phone network didn’t work ).

And, we are NOT asking you to do this every day, but do it in emergencies only as a back-up mechanism ( Power outages & Internet Outages ).

We wan’t to build a long term working relationship with our Trainers and we are willing to invest on quality tools like webex to make the training stand out from the crowd. Simultaneously, we are looking for some level of commitment from the trainer’s side in terms of quality and effort to bring out the best.

We are sure you will have some good suggestions as well as to how we can make this better and we are looking forward to your feedback.

Magna Training Team

Paypal Payments – No Options to Pay via Credit Card

Sometimes, when you click on the paypal link on our website or on the custom link sent to you, you will see the following picture.

It might seem like you are being forced to enter the paypal user id and password. However, this is NOT the case. You can also pay via Credit Card or Debit Card. The option is a little less obvious.

Click on the “Don’t have a Paypal Account” link as shown above. The following section opens up, wherein, you can enter your credit card / debit card details.

If you still have issues paying via paypal, you can always contact us to get further clarifications.

When doing installment payments, you might still encounter this issue. Here is what you would have to do.

After you click on the “Credit or Debit card” button, Paypal opens up the fields where you can enter your credit or debit card details.

If you still have issues with the payment, please contact us for assistance.

How to unlock SAP Users ?

Sometimes users get locked-out because of a variety of reasons, the most common of them being that the user has entered the wrong password more times than allowed. SAP Basis Administrator (know more about SAP Basis Training here )would normally have the proper authorization to unlock these ids. Here are the steps you need to know to unlock the SAP User id. This post is meant for internal SAP Training administrators at Magna Training working on Customer Support.

Step 1 : Go to Transaction SU01 and enter the user id you want to unlock.

Step 2 : Click on the Lock button

Step 3 : If the user id is not ‘locked’, you will get the message in the pop-up that says the user id is NOT locked.If you want to lock the user out, click on the lock button.

Step 4 : If the user id is ‘locked’, you will get the message in the pop-up that says the user id is locked. Click on the “unlock” button and the user id will be unlocked.


Look at the confirmation message in the status bar that the user id is unlocked.


How to Download the SAP GUI using Download Manager

The installable SAP GUI Package is a very big file ( ranges from 450 MB to 650 MB depending on the version ) and sometimes it is difficult to download the file if the connection is unstable. In case the download does not happen properly, this would result in a corrupt file and hence can result in an un-executable file.

In order to prevent this, we suggest that you use a download manager. We suggest a free Open Source Download manager that you can get here. You can use any download manager of your liking. We are listing out the steps required here with reference to Free Download Manager that you can download from our website. The installation and configuration steps would be much different from other softwares.

[ordered_list style=”decimal”]

  1. Download the software here and execute it.
  2. Click on the big blue “+” button to the top left corner and a pop-up window opens up.
  3. Paste the URL in the red box highlighted to the left and click on OK.


If you follow all the steps above, you will be shown a little pop-up window that displays the progress of the download as shown below.

After the download is complete, click on “Open Folder” , find out the file that you have downloaded ( ) and execute the file. You can find instructions on how to install and configure SAP GUI here.

SAP GUI Installation Sofware and Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 200+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows xp/2003 Server
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 233+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows Vista/2008 Server/ Windows 7
Minimal Recommended
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Processor 800+ Mhz 1+ Ghz


Know the official,  SAP Note 26417 – SAP GUI Resources Hardware & Software Requirements here.


Hard Disk Requirements :

110 MB (minimum packet SAP GUI + SAP Logon) up to 510 MB (70 MB – 470 MB, if operating system files (MFC, IE, Office) do not have to be updated). The amount of disk space required will increase if additional components like Adobe Lifecycle Designer have to be installed as well, but the size of  SAP GUI itself does not differ much when releases 6.20 and 7.10 are compared.

Customers can sometimes be empathetic to the company’s problems.

Today Mark Jostes a 2 time customer of ours was really pissed off at one of our trainers and sent us the following email.

Hi Fatima,

Is this the way that training is handled by Magna. I got the same type of messages during my CRM training sessions with Francis Raphael also. These messages make me feel like I am not important and that instructors are only available to teach me when they don’t have more important work to do.


Mark Jostes

Attached was also an email from our SAP ABAP Training tutor

Hi Mark,

I will not be available for todays class due some emergency work. Sorry to intimate you at the later moment. with regards,


Now, Mark ( the customer ) had all the right reasons to be mad at us. First off I didn’t understand how to react. If the trainer did not intimate in advance, we could have gone back to her. But she did the right thing but informing the customer in advance that she will be not be able to take the class ( probably because of some urgent professional work at her regular job ). At the same time, Mark had all rights to be pissed off because it happened twice to him ( in our SAP CRM Training class previously and now in the SAP ABAP Training class ). I promptly apologized, and tried to explain politely our situation and relationship with the trainers and how we are doing our best and this was happening despite our best efforts.


We never wanted to make you feel less important. We apologize if we have made you feel so. I know nothing we say will make you feel better, but here is our side of the story just as an FYI.

All of our trainers are working part-time with us and they work full time with other SAP Consulting companies like Accenture, IBM, TCS, E&Y etc. We tried to hire folks full-time for 1 year and failed to do so at the best of prices. Consultants simply do not want to work full-tim with any training company. I personally worked in SAP Academy for some time and believe me, they do NOT have proper trainers (and they charge $7000 for SAP ABAP in-class training for which students typically end up paying for travel and stay as well which can end upwards of $10,000 ). So, we are essentially doing this training for less than 1/10th of the price at $650.  This might come as a big surprise for outsiders to the training business. Many students who passed out of authorized SAP Academy training centers came out and said the quality of the training was bad. SAP of course makes up for that using good materials and systems.( Nothing against SAP btw, we are all living off of its products )

The only way any institute like ours ( as far as we know ) can provide quality and AFFORDABLE SAP training is to get hold of experienced, certified consultants and make them work part-time with us. The trade off to it is that they end up working late hours in their job or handling production support tickets and make themselves unavailable to our students – which is what might have happened today.

That being said, not all trainers are like that, but some trainers are. And these professional emergencies that they get are so erratic that we are not able to predict it and take them off classes. I am very sure this is not intentional. They are afraid they are going to loose their job if they don’t fulfill their professional obligations in time. That’s why, we have come to the conclusion that at least if they inform before the scheduled time about their change of plans that its good etiquette.

This is NO EXCUSE for not being able to serve you properly, but I just thought I would at least explain our side of the story honestly. Once again, our sincerest apologies for causing you inconvenience – and NO – we do NOT feel you are unimportant.



And here is what Mark wrote back.

Hi Siva,

Thanks for being honest I appreciate it very much. I was unaware that the instructors work full-time for other companies. I now understand the position they are in and going forward will be more understanding. I thought all instructors were working full-time for Magna.

Best Regards,


This came to me as a surprise that customers could actually be understanding our the company’s problems – Real surprise to me. Of course, we did not want to take his gratitude for granted. We plan to offer $50 discount coupon on the next SAP Training which he intended to take. We want to keep it a surprise until he enrolls in the next SAP Training program after this one is done.

How to upload to ?

Step 1 : Goto

Step 2 : Click on login link at the top right corner.

Step 3 : Enter your user name and password and click on “Login” button.

Step 4 : For smaller files, you can upload it directly by clicking on the “Upload button”

Step 5 : Click “Select Files” in the pop-up and select the files from your computer. Thats it. The files will upload automatically. We at Magna Training use this upload process very often to upload files quickly and easily. For larger uploads ( Like most of our SAP Training students need SAP GUI for SAP Access ) use the Rapidshare Manager Desktop Uploader. 

Launched the Community Based Support Portal

4 Steps to quickly create a support ticket with Magna Training.

We are glad to announce the community based support/help desk portal. Now, its as simple as following these 4 simple steps to create a help desk ticket or any other form of information including feedback with us.


Step No – 1 Click on Support on the top menu

Magna Training Support Portal

Magna Training Support Portal

Step No – 2 As soon as you click on support, you will be taken to a new page where you can type in your question as highlighted below and click on continue.

Type in your support question

Type in your support question

The knowledge base pulls out any existing questions that have been asked by previous customers. You can click on them to see if the same questions has been asked by somebody else. If you are not satisfied, you can just click on “Nope. Finish posting my question”


Get realated questions

Get realated questions


Step No – 3 Give the question a good topic as the title


Put the right question topic

Put the right question topic

Step No – 4 – You can put in some keywords to tag the question if you like. Finally click on “Post your topic”


Start Posting your questions

Start Posting your questions

Your are not limited to help desk or support type of questions. We want to continuously engage you in all kinds of conversations that will help us understand you better. Any questions, comments or feedback welcome.