SAP Material Account Determination Error

Problem : While posting stock or while performing PGI, some of our SAP Training students have got the following problem with Material Account Determination.

“Account Determination for entry INT GBB ____ ____ 3100 not possible”

Solution : This is purely an MM Configuration, but since you are not undergoing SAP MM Training, you would have to solve the problem yourself.

Step 1 : Go to Transaction [ OBYC ] and select the Transaction GBB and double click.

Step 2: Enter the Chart of Accounts in the pop-up – In this case INT

Step 3 : The error was related to a missing entry for valuation class 3100. Let’s maintain an entry there and save it.

Now you can finish the transaction.

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How to Create SAP Condition Records – SAP Training Series

Here is a quick video on how to create SAP Condition Records. It only speaks about the simple scenario. There are other scenarios like Scales in SAP Condition Records , using Payment Terms in SAP Condition Records etc which will be discussed in separate posts.


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SAP GUI Installation Sofware and Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 200+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows xp/2003 Server
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 233+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows Vista/2008 Server/ Windows 7
Minimal Recommended
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Processor 800+ Mhz 1+ Ghz


Know the official,  SAP Note 26417 – SAP GUI Resources Hardware & Software Requirements here.


Hard Disk Requirements :

110 MB (minimum packet SAP GUI + SAP Logon) up to 510 MB (70 MB – 470 MB, if operating system files (MFC, IE, Office) do not have to be updated). The amount of disk space required will increase if additional components like Adobe Lifecycle Designer have to be installed as well, but the size of  SAP GUI itself does not differ much when releases 6.20 and 7.10 are compared.

How to view the Contents of a Database Table in SAP ? – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

Many SAP Training students find it a little difficult to initially understand database tables. Here is a quick tutorial on how to view the contents of a database table in SAP. Use Transaction code [ SE16 ] or use the menu path

Demo Video

SAP Easy Access -> Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> SE16 Data Browser

Enter the SAP Database table of your choice and hit enter.

The initial screen will show the fields for selection. All the fields in the database are not shown. If you want to see more fields in the initial data browser field selection screen, goto Settings -> Fields for Selection and choose the fields.

For example, if you want to select the orders from the Sales Org 1000, enter 1000 in the SAP Sales Org field and hit execute button.

You can double select each of the fields in the subsequent screen to view more on the details of the entries.

This post is useful for other SAP Training modules like SAP MM Training, SAP CRM Training, SAP FICO Training etc as well.

How to view Field Changes to SAP Customer Master – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

If you want to view the changes that have been done to the SAP Customer Master, use the menu path Environment -> Field Changes. The system will list the fields that have been changed as follows. This concept applies to SAP Material Master also. So this post applies to both SAP SD Training students as well as SAP MM Training students.

If you want to view all the changed values at one, click on “All Changes” and the system will display the list of all the Old and new values for the field.

If you want to see the exact time and the user id who has done the specific changes, just double click on the change.

Though this is not a typical interview question, all SAP Training students should know this.

Question 1 : For SAP Customer Master 1400, give the list of changes that happened on 09.11.1994

Question 2 : On 10.10.96, the SAP Customer Master 1400 was changed . What is the old Recon Account and What is the new Recon Account ?

Question 3  : On 08.02.99, the SAP Customer Master 1400’s City was changed. Give the User id who has done this change ?


How to view material Documents in SAP – Jan 2011 SAP Training batch

Problem : SAP Material documents associated with goods movements can be tracked via SAP Document Flow. Material documents generated via other processes like initial entry of goods into SAP, stock input into SAP cannot be viewed via document flow.

Solution : Use Transaction code MB03. The menu path for the same is [ SAP Easy Access -> Logistics -> Material Management -> Physical Inventory -> Environment -> MB03 Material Document ]

Step 1 : Enter SAP tcode MB03 and Enter/ Search the material document number and Fiscal year

Step 2 : SAP will display the material document number which includes

  • The materials associated with the material document
  • Quantities, Plants etc
  • Also the Accounting documents  ( By clicking on the Accounting Documents button in the toolbar) associated with the material movement if any.

This post is also useful for SAP MM training and SAP PP Training students. If you have issues with SAP IDES Access, like expired user id or locked user id, please contact us and mention your SAP ID and name.

Question 1 : What is the significance of “Posting Date” in the material document ?

Question 2 : Can you change the material document after it is being posted ?

Question 3 : Find out some (random) material documents generated for material M-01 in the FY 2003 and write them down here

Question 4 : Do Material Document types have a Document Type ? ( Similar to SAP Sales Document type )

How to input stock into SAP – Jan 2011 SAP Training Batch

Problem : When doing delivery, some of our students faced issues with stock not being available. This is a very common problem faced by anybody who is currently training in SAP.

Solution : To resolve this, you would have to put dummy stock into the storage location ( As though real stock has come in ) . The easiest way to do this is via Transaction code [ MB1c ]. The menu path for the same is [ SAP Easy Access -> Logistics -> Logistics Execution -> Inbound Processes -> Goods Receipt for PO -> MB1c Goods Receipt for other activities ]

Step 1 : Use Transaction Code MB1c

Step 2 : Enter the Movement Type of 561, enter the plant and storage location where you want to input the stock

Step 3 : Enter the Materials and Quantities that you want to input. Save the Transaction. You can immediately go to MMBE ( Verify Stock in SAP ) and check the increase in quantity under the respective plant/storage location combination.

As usual, in order to practice these, please use the user id provided to you. If you are an ex-student and SAP Access has expired, you can extend it at a nominal price from Fuze Server.

This post is useful for both students doing SAP MM Training, SAP SD Training and SAP PP Training .

Toubleshooting :

1. Warning Message Saying “MRP Controller will be notified..” – Ignore it

2. Period xxx/2011 is not open for account type…”

–> There could be multiple reasons why this could be happening. One of the primary reasons why this happens is because of material accounts not being open. Use MMPV Transaction to do the same ( How to Open new Material Posting Periods in SAP )

Question 1 : Describe what Movement type 561 stands for in your own words ?

Question 2 : Using MB1c enter the following materials and quantities in Plant 1000 and storage location number 0001

  1. M-01    100
  2. M-02   250
  3. M-03   300

Give the SAP Material Document Number generated.

Question 3 : Which Transaction do you use to view SAP Material Documents ?

Question 4 : Specify the Accounting Document Number generated for the corresponding Material Document Number and the Description of the G/L Accounts updated by the A/C doc