Fundamentals of SAP Customizing

SAP GUI Navigation Video

As part of standard SAP Training in any module, you will first have to learn SAP GUI Navigation. This brief 20 minute video gives you an understanding of the basic elements of SAP GUI and how to navigate the basics. For more information, you can visit the following pages. You will also need SAP Access to practice on the SAP GUI.


SAP GUI Installation Sofware and Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 200+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows xp/2003 Server
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 233+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows Vista/2008 Server/ Windows 7
Minimal Recommended
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Processor 800+ Mhz 1+ Ghz


Know the official,  SAP Note 26417 – SAP GUI Resources Hardware & Software Requirements here.


Hard Disk Requirements :

110 MB (minimum packet SAP GUI + SAP Logon) up to 510 MB (70 MB – 470 MB, if operating system files (MFC, IE, Office) do not have to be updated). The amount of disk space required will increase if additional components like Adobe Lifecycle Designer have to be installed as well, but the size of  SAP GUI itself does not differ much when releases 6.20 and 7.10 are compared.

SAP Training Inquiry From Bombay

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About 2 weeks ago, i was surfing on the internet when i came across a forum….The forum was all about “What After T.Y.B.Com?”  I read several posts available on that forum site.. and i saw that most of the posts were regarding “SAP ABAP”.  Enthusiastically, i tried 2 obtain as much information as possible about SAP…I even came across couple of most famous SAP Training Institutions,i.e. Siemens and Genovate….
I got the fee structure of both these institutions for SAP….

Yesterday, i came across Yahoo results for SAP and i found your answer to one of the sap related questions,

What is the cost for sap training?”. It looks to me that You are a professional SAP trainer…Hence, I need a complete information regarding SAP.. I am very keen about SAP FICO…..In addition, i would also like to know that if i pursue SAP from US or UK, will there be nicer job opportunities compared to job opportunities i’ll get if i do it from India?
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How to view the Contents of a Database Table in SAP ? – Feb 2011 SAP Training Batch

Many SAP Training students find it a little difficult to initially understand database tables. Here is a quick tutorial on how to view the contents of a database table in SAP. Use Transaction code [ SE16 ] or use the menu path

Demo Video

SAP Easy Access -> Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> SE16 Data Browser

Enter the SAP Database table of your choice and hit enter.

The initial screen will show the fields for selection. All the fields in the database are not shown. If you want to see more fields in the initial data browser field selection screen, goto Settings -> Fields for Selection and choose the fields.

For example, if you want to select the orders from the Sales Org 1000, enter 1000 in the SAP Sales Org field and hit execute button.

You can double select each of the fields in the subsequent screen to view more on the details of the entries.

This post is useful for other SAP Training modules like SAP MM Training, SAP CRM Training, SAP FICO Training etc as well.

How to view the Factory Calendar in SAP – Jan 2011 SAP Training Batch

Today one of the SAP Training students asked how to view Factory Calendar in SAP when discussing Scheduling in SAP ?

Use the following Menu path

[ spro -> IMG -> SAP Netweaver -> General Settings -> Maintain Factory Calendar ]

Select “Factory Calendar”  and then click the view button. Select the SAP factory calendar you wanted to view ( in this case “US Factory Calendar” ) and then click on the Definition button.

Here you can see the definition of the US Factory Calendar.

The holidays associated with that calendar can be viewed using the SAP Holiday Calendar ID “US” . As usual , you need SAP Access to practice this. This is important for SAP MM Training, SAP PP Training and other SAP Modules as well.

Question 1 : Create a Custom Factory Calendar Zx valid from 2000 to 2020

Question 2 : Can you create a Factory Calendar without specifying the Holiday Calendar ?

Question 3 : Make the working days in the calendar Zx as Monday through Saturday.



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