RHMOVE30 – How to Transport Org Data Entries in SAP CRM

You might already have observed that Org Data changes ( PPOCA_CRM ) does not produce Transport requests. So, how do we move them across different systems in the landscape ?

SAP Provides a special report for this called RHMOVE30. Goto SE38 and execute the program RHMOVE30 OR use the transaction code RE_RHMOVE30

Precautions to be taken :

  1. You can either choose Org Objects or Positions. So essentially you have to create 2 transports – Org IDs first and Positions next. Always ensure that you move Org Objects first ( in a separate transport ) and Positions Objects ( Object Type = ’S’ ) in a separate transport.
  2. You can choose to transport all Org IDs or selectively choose to send ONLY some org IDs ( or position IDs ) . This can be done using the Object ID field.
  3. You can also choose to select Org Elements in the source & Target system by clicking on the “Delete Objects” flag in the Transport Section (as shown in “How to generate a TR” section below ).
  4. Choose the list of object IDs to be Transported or deleted as shown below after executing the transaction and then click on the “Transport/Delete” button. However, please ensure that you do NOT delete Org IDs in the test system.
    • wpid-PastedGraphic6-2012-02-5-12-42.tiff

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How to generate a TR ?
Goto the Transport section as shown below and click on the LOV button. Here you can create your own task or select an existing TR.


How to Save and retrieve Searches in SAP CRM Webclient UI

Searches in SAP CRM Webclient UI can be saved for quick retrieval. For example, if you want to have a quick  canned search for all the orders created by you, then you can save the search based on who has created the order and use the “Saved Searches” functionality to retrieve it. Here is an example.

Go to Sales Order Search functionality on the SAP CRM Webclient UI. ( Go to Sales Cycle work area and under the “Search” section, click on Sales orders )

 In this case, we want to find out all the orders created by me. So, select the created by in one of the selection criteria and enter the user id.

Once you make sure you are getting the desired results, give a name in the “Save Search as” field and click on the save button. This search will now be visible for you under the “Saved Searches” section to the top right corner.

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Assignment Blocks not visible in SAP CRM Transactions

Problem : Some of our SAP CRM Training folks had problems identifying certain data in the sales transactions like Org Data etc. It was not available in any of the assignment blocks

Solution : Go to Personalization button on the top right corner of the transaction.

Select from the available assignment blocks or remove from the displayed assignment blocks if required as shown below.

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SAP CRM Product Master – 2011 Version

Here is a simplified version of the SAP CRM Product Master.

Summary : In this SAP CRM Training class we have discussed the simplified version of the SAP CRM Product Master.

Exercises :

  1. Create a Product Master from the SAP CRM Webclient UI with the following characteristics
    1. Product ID : Laptop-xx  ( Write down the product ID you have created )
    2. Product Description : Laptop xx
    3. Base Category : Finished Goods  ( Write down the Base Category code you have used to create finished goods.
  2. Open the same product in the SAP GUI. What is the transaction you used ?


How to Create new Attributes for Organizational Units in SAP CRM ?

Some students from our SAP CRM Training classes were curious as to how to create new Attributes for Organizational Units in SAP CRM.

Solution : Although this is NOT a common scenario, they are defined in the database table T77OMATTR. The maintenance view for this table is OOATTRCUST. The attributes that we are talking about are the ones that you see in Organizational Management in SAP CRM [ PPOMA_CRM ]

The attributes in this case are Activity Reason, Country etc for the Service Function and for the Org unit “IDES Incorporated”.

Let’s say you want to add one more – Say “Postal Code Extn” ,


Step 1 : goto [ OOATTRCUST ]

Step 2 : Go to Attributes and either create your own or copy an existing attribute that resembles the type of attribute you want to create.

Step 3 : Go to  Scenarios and select the corresponding function – Service in this case. Step 4 : Create a new Attribute with the respective selections like inheritance, required/optional etc.

Step 5 : Enter the new attribute in the object type as well.

Step 6 : You can see the Postal code 2 in the new Organization unit.

SAP GUI Installation Sofware and Hardware Requirements

Windows 2000
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 200+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows xp/2003 Server
Minimal Recommended
Memory 128 MB 192 MB
Processor 233+ Mhz 500+ Mhz
Windows Vista/2008 Server/ Windows 7
Minimal Recommended
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Processor 800+ Mhz 1+ Ghz


Know the official,  SAP Note 26417 – SAP GUI Resources Hardware & Software Requirements here.


Hard Disk Requirements :

110 MB (minimum packet SAP GUI + SAP Logon) up to 510 MB (70 MB – 470 MB, if operating system files (MFC, IE, Office) do not have to be updated). The amount of disk space required will increase if additional components like Adobe Lifecycle Designer have to be installed as well, but the size of  SAP GUI itself does not differ much when releases 6.20 and 7.10 are compared.

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